That one where you forget

I had an awesome idea for a post last night and then I went to bed, not writing it down, cause, you know, I’ll remember it in the morning…. Nope. Nada. Can not remember what it was. So today you get a brain dump.

Internet in Tasmania is slow as a wet week for some – basically nearly everyone who isn’t with Telstra. Makes work difficult. Access to FTP is patchy at best. Updating Windows, don’t even bother *sigh* For those not in the know, we have a large cable between Tasmania and the mainland called Basslink. It transports electricity and fibre. Awhile ago it broke, well the electricity bit broke. To fix it, they cut the cable. Hence crap internet for those using it. Telstra users have their own cables so are unaffected. Everyone else has to wait to be ported to the Telstra cables. We’re being told Thursday this week. *fingers crossed*

Things are going well ahead of our Afternoon Teal event on Saturday. You can still donate here. We’ve had some lovely people donate some amazing items for our silent auction that is taking place on the day – Rabbit Hole Organic Tea, Personal Planner, Little Finch, Flat Out Bottles, Popping Candy Shoes, Your Inspiration at Home, Braehead Crafts and many more. Looking forward to having a nice afternoon. I’ll be sharing some photos after the event.

I have some exciting news to share on my craft blog tomorrow.

I’ve managed to get Miss A’s photos for 2015 into her Project Life album. Now to print Miss K’s photos for 2015 and get them in her album. Then go back and add journaling cards and filler cards to both.

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