Updating our reno to-do list

Back in July 2013 I created a list of all the things I wanted to do around our home. Fast forward a couple of years and I thought I’d update the list.

Kids room

  • new curtains
  • polish floorboards
  • maybe some wall art

Our room

  • paint (gotta pick a colour first)
  • polish floorboards
  • eventually get built ins – the plan is next year (2016)


  • skylight – still not sure about this
  • polish floorboards

Bathroom & toilet

  • tiling the toilet floor
  • maybe a new loo


  • polish floorboards


  • new front fence
  • garden beds for the vegie garden
  • get gazebo up and set up for table etc  – happening this summer!

I’ve also been pinning up a storm of inspiration. Feel free to check out my boards – Bedroom, Laundry, Kitchen, Lounge, Garden.

Things we’ve done

  • replaced our wood heater with a newer model
  • got a reverse cycle air conditioner (& kept the wood fire)
  • new kitchen
  • replaced the plumbing – kitchen, laundry, some under the house and some outside
  • new roof & guttering
  • Family photos up in the lounge & dining room 
  • new bathroom
  • new front door & window
  • linen cupboard
  • landscaped front yard – new grass, new gardens, new paths
  • new curtains in the lounge & dining thanks to my mum
  • roller blinds in the kitchen
  • new couch and chairs
  • painted the lounge/dining room
  • built in cupboard in girls’ room
  • painted the girls’ room

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