World Ovarian Cancer Day


Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day! Along with thousands of individuals around the globe, I have pledged to get the word out today about the most serious woman’s cancer to 5 people I care about. You are one of these!

Here is what I want to be sure you know:

  • The symptoms of ovarian cancer are vague – be aware of new changes – digestive issues, bloating, abdominal pain or urinary frequency that last for 3 weeks or more – and talk to your family doctor to get it checked.
  • Your family history is important! If you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer on either side of your family, be sure to tell your family doctor about it. You may have a genetic predisposition – your doctor will be able to advise you about genetic testing and risk reduction.
  • Remember, there is NO early detection or screening test for ovarian cancer. Knowledge is the best defence!

For more information about ovarian cancer, visit or Ovarian Cancer Australia

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