31 minutes 2019–Days 15 to 21

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Day 15 and 16 was more sorting and finding stuff I thought I’d lost, like unopened Teresa Collins journals

After debating over it (& being told by Kristin to just do it!), I spent day 17 tearing all the bits out of A book that takes it’s time. And making plans for how I’ll use them.

Day 18 was working on more 30 days of doodles. These are so cute. I’m looking forward to using them in my bujo.

Day 19 and I’m back into my Daily pages. I love doing these and really need to make this a habit again/

Day 20 was spent doing some digital colouring on my iPad while watching telly.

30 lists catch up was the order of the day for day 21. I’ve nearly finished my first 30 Lists book. I *may* be able to fit my September lists in it but we’ll see when it arrives

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