31 minutes 2019–Days 8 to 14

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Day 8 was spent on a bit of a catch up so I spent a couple of hours catching up on some more Project Life, as well as listening to the Crafty Ass Female podcast.

Day 9 I decided to draw up a couple of pages in my bullet journal and do the 30 Days of Doodle in pen.

Day 10 I got up until day 9 of the 30 Days of Doodles done in pen. I’m sad that my pen unicorn isn’t as good as my digital one.

Day 11 was a 30 Days of Lists catch up

Day 12 was something techy and working on my course teaching me how to build WordPress themes from scratch

Day 13 spent listening to one of my favourite crafty podcasts – Crafty Ass Female.

For Day 14 I decided to finally tackle the mess that is my craft supplies in my bedroom. I’ve got a plan now so it is making things so much easier.

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