Documenting December for 2019

It’s nearly that time of year again.

And…. last year didn’t happen and I ended up doing what I did for 2015-2017. A calendar and a bunch of 2×2 pictures.

Also, hadn’t shared them, so here they are…..

2019-11-19 11-54 page 1
2019-11-19 11-54 page 2 2019-11-19 11-54 page 3 
2019-11-19 11-54 page 4 2019-11-19 16-25

Plan for 2019??

  • 6x 8 album (this year will hopefully fill out the album I’ve used previous years
  • Pockets and full pages
  • 2019 Calendar from The Red Wren

Worst case scenario…. a calendar and a bunch of 2×2 photos

Journal Your Christmas 2015-2017

The last 3 years I’ve had every intention to work on my Journal Your Christmas album and each year life just got busier and then bang it’s the New Year and I’m not in the Christmas spirit anymore and the last thing I want to do is create Christmas things.

As I posted the other day I’m planning on doing a JYC/December Daily mish mash. Less pressure on myself to get creative every day. We’ll see how that goes.

Anywho, onto my plan for 2015-2017. Keep it simple and get it documented!

A 6×8 calendar page for each year where I can jot notes then on the opposite page 12 2x2inch pictures from throughout December. Simple, quick and doable!!

I’ve included an envelope at the end so I can extra bits and pieces I want to keep/remember

The calendars I’m using are from A Stitch in Time. I’ve been using her calendars for ages and I love them so will keep using them each year until she stops doing them LOL

Seriously though, why have I not thought of doing this before. Keep it simple. It doesn’t need to be fancy. I don’t need to compare myself to other people. The albums are for my girls and they are just happy to look at the pictures and remember their way.

Let’s get creating!!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like ….. December

In October you say?! Well yeah, when you’re prepping for December scrapping.

Since 2010 I’ve done, or attempted to do, Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas. I’ve also followed Ali Edwards’ December Daily but never done it.

This year I’m going to attempt a mish mash of JYC and December Daily.

Wish me luck!

I’m thinking 6×8 as I have a tonne of 6×8 stuff, and I do love that size. I’ll just need a new album.
Don’t think I’ll buy any new supplies unless, of course I see something that sparks my interest – like the new Christmas Kellie Stamps sets (especially that planner set!!)

Now off to create a stash box for all my Christmas themed goodies Winking smile

Book of Me 2018

The theme for the Awesome Ladies Project for 2018 is Book of Me. I’m loving this so far. I’ve gone with a 6×8 album this year to give me a bit more room that last years 4×4.

So far this year I’ve been using Kristin’s Currently cards a lot. I love these and it makes it super easy to document what’s going on in my life.

My cover and January pages

00 Cover 01 January Currently Me 02 January Me at 40

February was all about Currently. My 4 weeks of Currently Friday. I’ve done a bit of journaling on the back of each cards to note important events that took place each week.

03 February Currently Friday

I turned 40 at the end of January so documented that

04 February Fabulous 40 1 05 February Fabulous 40 2

Gardening has been a big part of my life lately so it got documented too.

06 February Currently Garden 1 07 February Currently Garden 2

I’ve got a couple of more Currently stories to document so I’ll share them next time.

It’s a special time of year

Yup it’s time for Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas again.


I’m keeping it super simple this year and will hopefully actually finish it. Looking forward to creating something festive this year.

This year I’m going to try and share something everyday, be it a page or just my thoughts on the prompt.

Main products I’m using this year in my album…

  • Simple Stories Sn@p!  6″ x 8″ Album Binder – Red
  • Simple Stories Sn@p! Pocket Pages – 6×8 refills, 4×6 refills, 3×4/4×6 refills, 3×4 refills, 2×2 refills, 2×8/4×4 refills
  • Simple Stories Claus & Co collection
  • Simple Stories Christmas Sn@p! set
  • plus other bits and pieces from my paper and digital stash

Week In The Life™ | Tuesday Words & Photos

Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project from the amazing scrapbooker/memory keeper Ali Edwards. You can see previous years by clicking the WitL tag.


Up and at ‘em. Overcast weather and it’s meant to rain. Getting ready for swimming for Miss A and school for Miss K. It’s sports and music at school today. Swimming lessons for Miss A, then a quick visit to my Auntie’s then Officeworks and home. Someone fell asleep in the car. Mum stayed for lunch. Lunch from the bakery – rolls and pies with a lamington for after.
Miss A decided to spend most f the afternoon drawing in her new book with her new crayons. Then decided to sit with dad and warm her hands by the fire, while mum checked her emails.


Getting busy with some housework and the sun has come out just in time for school pickup.
An afterschool snack of popcorn. J had a nap while the girls played up in the bedroom.
Set the table for dinner, tonight it’s the first recipe from the Your Inspiration at Home April Flavour Stack – Grill Master chicken kebabs with dill & onion baked potatoes. Bath time for the girls then a quick Facetime with my mum.


Miss K’s orange and ginger cat. Time for bed (finally) for one sleepy head, her sister was already asleep. Fluffy hot chocolate with marshmallows then some creative time! J made a cob loaf. A bit more creative time for me while watching Legends of Tomorrow. Night all!

Week In The Life™ | Monday Words & Photos

Lots of photos today so I’ll share only a couple. I’m documenting my week in the Day One app, keeping everything in one place then documenting some of the stories here on my blog.   


It’s a school day so awake at 7. Miss A slept a full night which is a big win. Miss K made the two girls jam on toast for breakfast. I love how she (occasionally) loves to take the big sister role and make breakfast for them both.
Lunchbox for today – Ham & mayo sandwich, salt & vinegar chips, yoghurt rice cakes, donut ball and a choc chip biscuit.
Hot drink for Mum & Dad then time for the school drop off.
Last week’s stats from my Apple Watch. Have managed my move & stand goals every day so far this month.
Weather for today is mild but overcast. Time for a shower for the rest of us then Uni catch up for me.


Lunchtime – butterfly with jam for Miss A, toasted ham & cheese for us. Your Inspiration at Home delivery, not the one I want but one for a customer. Quick visit from Mum. Spotlight vouchers in the mail.
Dinner – tacos
Drawing time for Miss K. Bath time for the girls. Instagram surf while getting Miss A to sleep.


More drawing time for Miss K. Miss A woke up so getting her back to sleep while checking out a new app ‘Flewn’. Kids both asleep and it’s time to get my first project in for uni. Game of Thrones & Supernatural then the news app then bed. Plus 1 extra who wandered in, climbed into bed and snuggled in just after midnight.