Nightwolf Scraps in 2021



Well what a year we had this year!! Here’s hoping next year will be a better one.

My word for 2021 is Create. I’ve used this word before but it just feels right.
I want to create a more decluttered and organised house.
I want to create more crafty projects.
Create more in the garden.

My crafty plans

  • Book of Me with the Awesome Ladies Project
  • Daily Pages (Monday to Friday)
  • 100 Happy Days
  • Attempt to do a daily photo challenge. See how far I get.
  • Sharing more on here & my Instagram. I’m finally working out an editorial calendar for myself so hopefully things will be a bit more regular.
  • Continuing to do my Currently & Thursday 3 each week
  • work through the 52 weeks to an organised craft space challenge from thekeeperofthememories. I really want to do this one as I’m slowly bring all Mum’s craft stuff here and hopefully will have a dedicated craft space next year, especially as the kiddos want to craft with me now and the dining table isn’t cutting it (plus I want the dining table back for eating meals at lol)
  • Week in the Life. I need to coral all my previous WitLs actually into an album.
  • December Daily/Journal Your Christmas

What are your plans for 2021? Whatever they are here’s hoping it’s a good one and we all stay safe & healthy <3

Pandemics, isolation & crafters

So, Covid-19. What a time we are living in! Countries in lockdown. People panic buying (why the toilet paper people???). Physical distancing. Self isolation.

As of 19th March there are 244,739 confirmed cases and 10,024 deaths (source) and 87,407 have recovered.

So what do crafters do at times like this? We come together online, offer freebies, virtual hangouts, free or discounted classes. Things to keep us busy and able those who want to record this moment in history.

In the interest of sharing I thought I’d create a list of all these goodies as I find them. Thanks to all who are creating and sharing during this time.(list last updated 20/3/20)

Kristin’s (founder of the Awesome Ladies Project) Currently cards (link below) and her Thursday 3 Instagram challenge are an awesome way of recording your personal stories during this time (heck at any time really).
The Currently card challenge is take five minutes each week and write down what is going on in your right-now life, using the same 7 one-word prompts each week. I started sharing mine last year on the blog but stopped. No time like the present to get back onto it….
The Thursday 3 challenge is an easy way to get a little bit of your story down each week. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
1. Snap a photo of yourself. 2. Write down three things about your right now.  3. T
ag three friends to play along with you.
Kristin & Amanda discussed Thursday3 on the Crafty Ass Female podcast. You can listen to that episode here.
This year I’ve been blogging mine monthly.



Welcome to 2020

Yeah it’s nearly the end of January but lots happened in December and blogging got away from me.

If you follow my other blog, you’d have read about my mum. If you don’t TLDR – mum passed away on December 6th after a long 8 year battle with Ovarian Cancer. So yeah. I made a promise to myself at the end of the year that I would create more and not wallow as it’s what Mum would want me to do.

One of my craft goals for 2020 is to do more photo challenges. I picked 3(!!!) to start of the month and have managed to keep up with them even if I’m not sharing them on Insta I’ll be sharing them here at the end of the month.

What else are my plans for 2020?

  • Daily Pages, as inspired by Kristin and the Awesome Ladies
  • continuing my Book of Me
  • taking part in The Reset Girl Summer & Winter events
  • continue to work in my TRG playbook

October 2019 Favourites

I’ve seen a few of these on YouTube and there’s no way I’m becoming a YTer LOL so I’m doing it here on ma blog, because I can.

Lost of favourites for the month of October, some are old favourites that I use lots, others are new to me.

First up is a subscription box. I’ve been on the fence about getting a sub box for so long. The crappy exchange rate from Australian to US makes most of the overseas ones super expensive so I decided to look closer to home. Planners Anonymous had been on my radar for awhile and when I got a little extra $$ my way I thought I’d give it a go. They had a sub only past kit sale so I thought, well why not sub and then I could check out a past kit or 2. Glad I did.

Planners Anonymous

At the moment I’m only getting the standard sub, but for $45AUD you get a fair bit – double sided papers, 3 rolls of washi, die cuts, a gorgeous pen, quote cards, vellum, a printed acetate sheet, stickers and a mystery bonus. There’s also an extra sticker kit and paper kit but out of my budget at the moment.
Oh, and each month you get a bunch of free printables with your sub and the option to buy luxe versions
They also make the most gorgeous B6 TNs.


If you are interested in seeing what’s in the kits, check out Plum Mashable on YT – she’s the one who mainly convinced me to sub after watching a bunch of her videos. Pic above is the October kit – Forest Falls.

My HP Sprocket. It was my Mother’s Day gift. I love it. It’s great for on the go scrapping. I can print a pic out & chuck it in my planner.

Mine came from Officeworks

I’m loving the new look Awesome Ladies Project. Kristin has done an amazing job. It reminds me so much of where I spent my early social days on the internet, before MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and all of them. It’s friendly, helpful and  so welcoming. You can sign up for a free membership which gives you access to the basics – your profile, unlimited gallery space and so much more.


The last thing for this month is The Reset Girl’s Crafty Playbook. It’s a printable activity book for adults. This fun book is designed to keep your creativity humming with the following fun activities:

  • Art Journaling
  • Memory Keeping
  • Colouring
  • Journaling
  • Listing
  • Decorating
  • Embellishing
  • Smashing
  • Gratituding
  • Documenting and more

There are four quarterly editions and each quarter fits with the US seasons (so Jan-Mar is Winter)

Crafty projects

(aka what I’ve been working on lately)

I’ve got quite a few little projects I’ve been working on this year. There’s been my Awesome Ladies Project Book of Me which started in a 6×8 album at the start but has moved into a B6 sized TN insert. There was the ‘Summer’ (winter for me here in Oz) camp at The Reset Girl (TRG).

After seeing so many of the Aussie girls in our TRG group creating in their TRG Crafty Club Playbooks, I caved and finally bought the Summer version, worked through it during July to September and actually finished it. I then bought the Winter book (Jan-March) to work on whenever and then grabbed the Fall (Oct-Dec) version and am currently working through that.

I did 30 Lists in September and jumped back into the new season of TRG Listers Gotta List at the beginning of the month.

Loving the community at both Awesome Ladies & TRG and all the little projects I’m creating. Now to start sharing some of my creations here

Going forward

So…. I feel like I need to get back into blogging again. I miss it.
So… I’m creating myself a schedule. Keeping it super simple to start. Mondays will be Currently lists. Thursdays will be Thursday 3. End of the month will be my current favourites. Anything else gets posted whenever I create something and feel like posting.

So ….. since today is Monday – I’ll be back later with my Currently list.

Find your Spark

I’ve been a member at Simple Scrapper for ages and I love how much Jennifer Wilson does for all her members – from classes to yearly events like Refresh. One of the awesome bonuses of being a member is the monthly Spark ezine. There’s articles, sketches, story starters and much more!

Normally the only way you can get your hands on this great little mag is to be a member of Simple Scrapper (which is an awesome choice btw) BUT for this weekend – which just happens to be International Scrapbook Day – you can get your hands on a bundle of 12 issues from 2018. The full price is $49, but use the coupon code SPARK20 to get the bundle for $29! Bargain!!


Interested? Head on over to and grab yourself a steal before 11:55 p.m. CDT on Monday, May 6 2019

Nightwolf Scraps in 2019

Welcome, welcome friends. Here we are nearly to the end of February and I am yet to post.

The holidays are over and the kids are back at school. My baby is in kindergarten so I have 3 whole days a week with no kiddos!!
One is hoping that this is going to help the creative juices flow a bit more in 2019.

What am I planning for 2019? So far – lots!!

Creating monthly pages in my 6×8 album that are just my stories. At this stage I’ll be using the Awesome Ladies Project monthly Lens prompts, with the occasional Day In the Life and Week in the Life spreads. It’ll evolve as it goes.

Working on the girls’ Project Life albums monthly. Now that they are growing up I want to rethink how I do these albums. Do I still want to do an album each? Who knows? We’ll see how it goes.

Morning pages. Now we’re in a good school routine I’m hoping to get back into creating something quick of a morning.
If not morning pages I’ll pop something in my little quote book I started.

30 Days of Lists.

Kellie is planning on doing 3 rounds of 31 things in 31 days. Looking forward to that.

100 Day Project. Not sure what I want to do. Throwing round the idea of giving myself a weekly theme.

100 Happy Days. I didn’t do this last year but I really want to do it this year. I think it is something I need to do even if just for myself.

Working through some classes at Big Picture and Simple Scrapper.

Photographing projects and sharing them here cause I have been so bad at that.

Who knows what else. We’ll see what the year brings. What are your plans for 2019?

Awesome Ladies

I’ve been a member of the Awesome Ladies since it opened and I love the site and the way Krisitn encourages us ladies to tell our stories (& I have 2 nearly complete books about me to show for it)

Now is the perfect time to join and save 25% off the first 3 months of a new Awesome Ladies Collective or Collective VIP Membership.
This is an awesome way to try out the Collective and dive in head first to the only feminist scrapbooking community in the world.
Kristin is there to guide you through the learning more about telling your story and learning more about yourself through this fun and wonderful art form. 
Use the code: BLACKFRIDAY to save 25% off the first three months of a new ALP Collective Membership OR an annual VIP membership

Save 25% on the first three months of a new Collective, Collective VIP Membership, or annual membership when you sign up today through Monday, November 26th.
Use code BLACKFRIDAY at member checkout.

Membership prices will be increasing on December 1st, 2019, so now is the absolute best time to sign up, save, and lock in on 2018 membership rates.

Can’t wait to see you there