Week In The Life™ | Saturday Words & Photos

Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project from the amazing scrapbooker/memory keeper Ali Edwards. You can see previous years by clicking the WitL tag.


A slight sleep in. Bagged up some sheets and old doonas to donate to a family who lost everything in a house fire recently. Miss A in her new beanie and gloves from Grandma. 11:11.
Walking back to the car after soccer. They played LU  (who are second on the ladder) and lost but played well and kept LU to 4 goals. Footy time! Someone couldn’t stay awake and cuddled in for a nap. Sunset. More footy – Hawks beat Freo by 51 points. It’s really cold.


Snuggled up in a blanket on the way back to the car. KFC for tea on the way home. All dressed up in her PJs plus new beanie & gloves from Grandma. Eurovision semi final 2. Lucky you are cute missy because 3am is not mum’s favourite time to be awake.

Week In The Life™ | Friday Words & Photos

Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project from the amazing scrapbooker/memory keeper Ali Edwards. You can see previous years by clicking the WitL tag.


Morning cuddles with the girls before getting up. Breakfast and the usual morning school rush. A watched a little Bing bunny while I finished cleaning the dining room. Texting mum. Time for some morning baking. Miss A coming to check the mail. With a money box. As you do. A nice surprise in my email – I won a course with Holly McCaig. Getting a bit of work done while the muffins cook. Lunch for Miss A – meatballs. Lunch for us, leftover savoury toast.


Someone is toilet training on the big toilet. Today’s weather. More work. Startings f a nice sunset. Pumpkin soup for tea. Miss K has swimming at stays with Mum & Dad, J out playing D&D, Miss A sound asleep so I watched the first semi final of Eurovision while updating Dad’s laptop to Windows 10. My first BSoD on Windows 10. A little planner time then fold some washing and bed.

Week In The Life™ | Thursday Words & Photos

Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project from the amazing scrapbooker/memory keeper Ali Edwards. You can see previous years by clicking the WitL tag.


Someone woke and wanted a cuddle from mum Back to sleep then awake after sleeping through our alarm (oops). Breakfast, check emails, make Miss K school lunch and help her get dressed. Check Instragram and they’ve changed the logo and layout. Delivery for J, cards for D&D. Someone had to wear a dress, just like her sister. I spent the morning cleaning the dining room while J worked. Lunch – savoury toast. Miss A decided to play a bit of kitchen soccer with the beach ball.


Then have a rest on the polar bear to watch some more Hey Dougee. Helping mum clean then hanging out waiting for Miss K to get home from school on the bus. Today’s weather. Tonight’s dinner – Beetroot meatballs with Aussie Roast veggies. Doing a survey for Neilson, it took HOURS, in between getting kids showered and to bed and washing up the dishes from dinner. Someone woke up just after midnight then crawled into bed at 12:45.

Week In The Life™ | Wednesday Words & Photos

Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project from the amazing scrapbooker/memory keeper Ali Edwards. You can see previous years by clicking the WitL tag.


Get up and leave 2 sleepy heads in one bed and then get Miss K out of bed and ready for school.  A cheese sandwich and some cereal for breakfast then watch a little Toybox on the iPad. Today’s lunch for Miss K – cab loaf ham & mayo sandwich, wagon wheel, LCM and tiny teddies. Miss A got into Miss K’s lipgloss, then after a shower played with a nursery rhyme app. J out working so Miss A & decided to clean up the lounge room. Found one of Miss K’s drawings. Miss A decided to watch some ABC 4 Kids. Today’s weather.


Floor cuddles. More Hey Duggee. The difference between me & J with bacon – rind off for me, rind on for J. Lunch – mini egg & bacon pies for Miss A, BLT for me, bacon & eggs for J. No soccer because of the forecasted weather. Miss A had a nap so I got to do some uni work and have a sneaky red skin.


And this is why soccer was cancelled, lots of rain! and wind. A bit of blogging while the girls watch the iPad on the cot. Tea tonight – tacos or taco salad. I made bread (& let it prove for nearly 4 hours!!!). One of Miss K’s soccer friends dropped round an invite to his party. Lots of washing inside due to the crappy weather. Miss A decided a dress up skirt & Hey Duggee were a better option than sleep.


School reader time. Miss A finally crashed about 10! Bread finally cooked. Off to bed with Tony Delroy, our weeknightly bedtime listening, on ABC radio. My bedtime companion, til J comes to bed, Mystra. Good night world.

The Awesome Ladies kit

I’ll admit, I’m a bit excited about RUKristin’s kit coming out and to celebrate she is having a launch party ‘sleepover’



In her first paper collection, rukristin: feminist scrapbooker collaborates with NYC based artist Kara Haupt to create a bold statement, using blacks, whites, and pops of yellow to convey the importance of women documenting their stories.

Awesome Ladies will be available for retail sale on June 25th at rukristin.com/shop.

We will be celebrating with a scrapbook sleepover launch party event! On Friday, June 24th (the evening before the line goes on sale) join us for games, giveaways, challenges, a live video chat, and of course — tons of inspiration using the new product line!

Pocket Talk

So tonight I actually got a night full of scrapping! Hubby was out at a mates playing Dungeons and Dragons, Miss K has swimming lessons then stays the night with my parents and Miss A was in bed early (& actually slept!!!)

When I scrapbook I love listening to music or recently it’s been podcasts. I love Paperclipping Round Table but it’s only monthly now and I was all caught up on those so I decided to google scrapbook podcasts. I saw a few familiar names on a podcast called Pocket Talk so I thought I’d give it a listen.

I’m glad I did. It’s really interesting listening to others who pocket scrapbook and how they approach their pages. It’s hosted by Jess, a Canadian blogger and memory keeper and is released every 2 weeks. Since I have a few weeks to catch up on I shouldn’t run out listening for awhile.

You can read about the podcast and Jess’s guests on her blog and if you like, subscribe to her podcast.

Week in the Life 2016

That’s right, I’m doing Week in the Life again this year. I’m still yet to scrap the previous 2 years but you know what? I’m ok with that. I have the photos and I have the stories so when I do get around to doing it I’m sort of ready.

You can check out my posts from 2014 & 2015 by clicking the Week in the Life tag.

2016 dates are May 9th to May 15th.

Are you in?

Meeting Becky Higgins

This month is Craft month at Spotlight and as part of that they brought Becky Higgins & Lizzy Kartchner over to Australia for a tour. Becky came to my local store and I was lucky enough to grab a ticket for mum & I.


We all got a Make & Take pack containing a few 6×8 plastics and some cards from the newly released Better Together by Amy Tan.


I learned so much and after chatting with Becky I’ve got to learn to hand off the camera and get myself into the kids’ albums and maybe even an album of my own (but more about that later)

Becky signed a canvas for me (well all of us if we wanted one)


Random thoughts

Have you checked out the new look Rukirstin yet? And there’s a new class – 10 Things I love about you mini album (shh I’m doing it for hubby for our 10 year anniversary this year).

I’m getting round to photographing my Awesome Ladies Project layouts but will hopefully be sharing them more frequently now I’m snapping them weekly to share as part of the creative team. Which reminds me, I need to get this week’s layout done

I’m going to attempt a couple of 12×12 pages for my wedding album. My auntie (well hubby’s auntie) runs a scrapbooking group and shares an online challenge with her group so I really want to give her challenges a go.

I have so, so many cut files and I never use them. Time to make a folder of all the designs I own and actually start creating things with them. Maybe I might do some RAKs 🙂

Miss A’s 2015 Project Life album is nearly complete. All things going to plan I’ll have 2015 mostly finished by the weekend. Miss K’s album – not so much. Think I’ll start with printing photos, like I did with Miss A’s, and go from there.

I’ve started a photography and social media online unit at uni. Looking forward to it, could be fun.

That’s about it for me. What have you been up to?

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