Find your Spark

I’ve been a member at Simple Scrapper for ages and I love how much Jennifer Wilson does for all her members – from classes to yearly events like Refresh. One of the awesome bonuses of being a member is the monthly Spark ezine. There’s articles, sketches, story starters and much more!

Normally the only way you can get your hands on this great little mag is to be a member of Simple Scrapper (which is an awesome choice btw) BUT for this weekend – which just happens to be International Scrapbook Day – you can get your hands on a bundle of 12 issues from 2018. The full price is $49, but use the coupon code SPARK20 to get the bundle for $29! Bargain!!


Interested? Head on over to and grab yourself a steal before 11:55 p.m. CDT on Monday, May 6 2019

Stash Bashing

Each year over at Simple Scrapper they run an awesome event called Stash Bash. It’s a 7 day event giving tips and challenges to help use up, declutter and organise your stash be it digital or paper.

Simple Scrapper Stash Bash

This year there were 30 challenges. I managed to complete a few during the week and am still slowly working on the rest over the next few weeks.

The first challenge I did was to declutter my download folder. I deleted about 15gb worth of files!!! I am such a hoarder LOL, most of it was freebies I thought I’d use ‘someday’. Since I have made the decision recently to only keep supplies that spark joy (yes I’ve been reading that book – if you have no idea what I mean check out this post on my other blog), LOTS went. Plus a bit of stuff I downloaded for work thinking I might use them. Plus lots of double ups. Plus some YIAH files that were out of date (old specials and the like). Go me LOL

I’m also making a public declaration that from now on I will only download something if it is for a current project, it sparks joy or I’ll bookmark it if I think I might need it later.

The next challenge was

Set a timer for 30 minutes. Create a new layout (any size), pocket page, or card using supplies that are closest to your desk or digital desktop. Photos are nice, but optional.

Playing some catch up with Miss A’s album so whipped up a page for November last year

Stash Bash 2015 - Layout: Tis the Season

Supplies: Paper – Forever Friends Gift Wrapped, Me to You Paper, doily, PL blank card, sequins, bling, Elle’s Studio Noel Lil’ Snippets: Labels, Heidi Swapp Colour Shine: Gold

Next up

Batch prepare 5 layouts or pocket pages (i.e. make page kits) from the products you’re most excited about. Make sure you include photos

5 kits

I combined a couple of challenges and tackled my bookshelf and the old change table I’m using to store my scrap supplies. The challenges were:

Identify a space, such as a closet, that needs a makeover. Completely empty the space of all stash and furniture so that you can start from scratch.

Now that your space is empty, it’s time to give it a deep cleaning. This refresh could include painting, if you’re so inclined. It’s much easier to keep a space clean if it starts that way!

With a clean slate, it’s time to lay a foundation for future success. Return storage solutions to your area, such as shelving and cabinets, but avoid bringing back the “stuff”.

Yay, you’re almost done! With storage solutions in place, it’s time to choose what will return to this space. Put everything away and pay attention to the visual appeal. It will give you incentive to keep it tidy!

All done. Here are the before and after shots for the book shelf and the before shot for my storage in the bedroom

before1 after before2