Going forward

So…. I feel like I need to get back into blogging again. I miss it.
So… I’m creating myself a schedule. Keeping it super simple to start. Mondays will be Currently lists. Thursdays will be Thursday 3. End of the month will be my current favourites. Anything else gets posted whenever I create something and feel like posting.

So ….. since today is Monday – I’ll be back later with my Currently list.

Find your Spark

I’ve been a member at Simple Scrapper for ages and I love how much Jennifer Wilson does for all her members – from classes to yearly events like Refresh. One of the awesome bonuses of being a member is the monthly Spark ezine. There’s articles, sketches, story starters and much more!

Normally the only way you can get your hands on this great little mag is to be a member of Simple Scrapper (which is an awesome choice btw) BUT for this weekend – which just happens to be International Scrapbook Day – you can get your hands on a bundle of 12 issues from 2018. The full price is $49, but use the coupon code SPARK20 to get the bundle for $29! Bargain!!


Interested? Head on over to simplescrapper.com/bundle and grab yourself a steal before 11:55 p.m. CDT on Monday, May 6 2019

The 100 Happy Day Project

I’ve done this photo challenge a few times now and love looking back over previous years. What is it? It’s a photo project where you take a photo of something that makes YOU happy for 100 days in a row. You can share them on your socials or keep it private.  Read more about the project here

I like to share mine. In previous years I shared on my personal Insta account but this year I’m just curating them in the Collect app then I’ll share them a month at a time here on the blog. I started this year’s project on the 26th of March (which I have done on previous years) and will finish on the 3rd of July.

Here’s March to April (click for larger)

100 Happy Days_March-2019_Collage 100 Happy Days_April-2019_Collage

I’ll b back at the end of May to share the next batch

The 100 Day Project

I’m giving The 100 Day Project another go.  I’m planning to blog each week. It may end up being less frequently than that but it’ll be on my Insta.


What is The 100 Day Project?

#The100DayProject is a free art project that takes place online. Every spring, thousands of people all around the world commit to 100 days of exploring their creativity.
Anyone can join (yes, that means you!). The idea is simple: choose a project, do it every day for 100 days, and share your process on Instagram with the hashtag #The100DayProject.

From The 100 Day Project website

This year I’m giving myself a very loose structure by giving each week a theme and working around that theme for 7 days.

My themes are (in no particular order)….

  • baking
  • drawing
  • lettering
  • daily pages
  • project life
  • photography
  • Quote book
  • paint
  • sew
  • Stamping
  • Project Life 2
  • new recipes
  • doodles
  • try something from Pinterest
  • and finishing off with free choice for the last few days


31 minutes 2019–Days 15 to 21

52991534_2184753381840363_2127830000391912890_n 54230467_553098951860942_7980732032743884614_n 54463834_143980333306411_1101222800815742839_n 54512711_2213512312247262_3547569198311740600_n 53516270_130452408083293_7734596524903006251_n 53188589_1565833113568382_1861735224731615513_n 52909896_456004548274228_8866793402902665020_n

Day 15 and 16 was more sorting and finding stuff I thought I’d lost, like unopened Teresa Collins journals

After debating over it (& being told by Kristin to just do it!), I spent day 17 tearing all the bits out of A book that takes it’s time. And making plans for how I’ll use them.

Day 18 was working on more 30 days of doodles. These are so cute. I’m looking forward to using them in my bujo.

Day 19 and I’m back into my Daily pages. I love doing these and really need to make this a habit again/

Day 20 was spent doing some digital colouring on my iPad while watching telly.

30 lists catch up was the order of the day for day 21. I’ve nearly finished my first 30 Lists book. I *may* be able to fit my September lists in it but we’ll see when it arrives

31 minutes 2019–Days 8 to 14

53884445_2559483117398662_7111536344481117005_n 52832674_145989989760833_886935671819049229_n 52696301_270323527190581_3572325834632250490_n 54247238_423505861716363_1033613449461292759_n 52643844_125111598573818_2661810546197289742_n 53224210_419409011966786_7367016971054182325_n 

Day 8 was spent on a bit of a catch up so I spent a couple of hours catching up on some more Project Life, as well as listening to the Crafty Ass Female podcast.

Day 9 I decided to draw up a couple of pages in my bullet journal and do the 30 Days of Doodle in pen.

Day 10 I got up until day 9 of the 30 Days of Doodles done in pen. I’m sad that my pen unicorn isn’t as good as my digital one.

Day 11 was a 30 Days of Lists catch up

Day 12 was something techy and working on my course teaching me how to build WordPress themes from scratch

Day 13 spent listening to one of my favourite crafty podcasts – Crafty Ass Female.

For Day 14 I decided to finally tackle the mess that is my craft supplies in my bedroom. I’ve got a plan now so it is making things so much easier.

31 minutes for 31 days–2019 edition

Days 1 to 7

IMG_8184 IMG_8196 IMG_8199 

IMG_2872 IMG_8224

I started off my 31 days by making myself a new notebook for my Morning/Daily pages. It’s just a bunch of A5 paper folded in half and stitched together.

Day 2 was spent working on my Project Lens 2019. It’s my album for the year a mix of Project Life and the Awesome Ladies Lens prompts.

Day 3 was a spread in my daily pages book. A Currently card from RUKristin and a little rainbow unicorn for mardi gras.

Day 4 I decided to start working through 30 Days of Doodles with The Petite Planner. Working on it digitally.

Day 5 is some Project Life catch up for the eldest.

I missed day 6 and 7 due to a shocking headache that didn’t let me do much for long

A book that takes its time

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

The winter book for the Crafty Ass Female Patreon Book Club (omg that’s a mouthful) is A Book That Takes Its Time. A Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness. It’s brought out by the same people who do Flow Magazine and I’d say it’s a bit of a must have for paper lovers. 218 pages of gorgeous quotes, illustrations, articles and a tonne of cute paper goodies.


I’m super excited about this book, as I’ve been lusting over Flow magazine for quite some time but never bought one. A quick flip through and I was like, I need to buy a second copy as I don’t want to rip any of it out BUT I have and I’m really looking forward to getting creative with it.


So over the next month or so I’ll be back with my thoughts or just to share a quote or a project I’ve created using something from the book.

Want to get your own copy? You can buy it here on Amazon (it’s the cheapest I could find it in Australia)

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