Currently–1st October 2019

The amazing Kristin – founder of Awesome Ladies and partner of the Crafty Ass Females – has a weekly challenge to document your life Currently.
What you are currently doing on a particular day each week. I’m choosing to do my documenting on Monday evening, so here we are.

You can grab your Currently cards from The Awesome Ladies Project


I also use the extended Currently list in my bullet journal at the end of each month, which I share over on my Instagram account (which you can follow here.)

Awesome Ladies

I’ve been a member of the Awesome Ladies since it opened and I love the site and the way Krisitn encourages us ladies to tell our stories (& I have 2 nearly complete books about me to show for it)

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Kristin is there to guide you through the learning more about telling your story and learning more about yourself through this fun and wonderful art form. 
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Can’t wait to see you there