ALP 2016 – week 14

This week’s prompt – What is your ideal day?

Awesome Ladies Project 2016 - Week 14

The back side of my custom pocket. My ideal day – sleeping in, scrapbooking and reading. Without hubby or kids would be a bonus. As much as I love them, a day by myself would be bliss!

ALP 2016 – week 13

This week the theme was What’s Your Favourite Restaurant?

Awesome Ladies Project 2016 - Week 13

My first go creating a custom page with my Fuse. I’ve decided it’s not really an idea to do this on small pages like the 4×4 pockets. Not like this any way. It looked good in my mind, but not really so much in reality LOL

ALP 2016 – week 12

Skipping forward a few weeks and sharing the first of my creative team time pages. I’ll be sharing the other pages prior to this (weeks 6 to 11) in coming weeks – as I get the finished and photographed.

The prompt for this week was What makes you laugh?

Awesome Ladies Project 2016 - Week 12

My little guilty pleasure when I want a giggle – cat memes and videos.
Mostly a digital page with some stickers and a word tile.

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