Pocket Talk

So tonight I actually got a night full of scrapping! Hubby was out at a mates playing Dungeons and Dragons, Miss K has swimming lessons then stays the night with my parents and Miss A was in bed early (& actually slept!!!)

When I scrapbook I love listening to music or recently it’s been podcasts. I love Paperclipping Round Table but it’s only monthly now and I was all caught up on those so I decided to google scrapbook podcasts. I saw a few familiar names on a podcast called Pocket Talk so I thought I’d give it a listen.

I’m glad I did. It’s really interesting listening to others who pocket scrapbook and how they approach their pages. It’s hosted by Jess, a Canadian blogger and memory keeper and is released every 2 weeks. Since I have a few weeks to catch up on I shouldn’t run out listening for awhile.

You can read about the podcast and Jess’s guests on her blog and if you like, subscribe to her podcast.