Week In The Life™ | Monday Words & Photos

Lots of photos today so I’ll share only a couple. I’m documenting my week in the Day One app, keeping everything in one place then documenting some of the stories here on my blog.   


It’s a school day so awake at 7. Miss A slept a full night which is a big win. Miss K made the two girls jam on toast for breakfast. I love how she (occasionally) loves to take the big sister role and make breakfast for them both.
Lunchbox for today – Ham & mayo sandwich, salt & vinegar chips, yoghurt rice cakes, donut ball and a choc chip biscuit.
Hot drink for Mum & Dad then time for the school drop off.
Last week’s stats from my Apple Watch. Have managed my move & stand goals every day so far this month.
Weather for today is mild but overcast. Time for a shower for the rest of us then Uni catch up for me.


Lunchtime – butterfly with jam for Miss A, toasted ham & cheese for us. Your Inspiration at Home delivery, not the one I want but one for a customer. Quick visit from Mum. Spotlight vouchers in the mail.
Dinner – tacos
Drawing time for Miss K. Bath time for the girls. Instagram surf while getting Miss A to sleep.


More drawing time for Miss K. Miss A woke up so getting her back to sleep while checking out a new app ‘Flewn’. Kids both asleep and it’s time to get my first project in for uni. Game of Thrones & Supernatural then the news app then bed. Plus 1 extra who wandered in, climbed into bed and snuggled in just after midnight.

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