Week In The Life™ | Thursday Words & Photos

Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project from the amazing scrapbooker/memory keeper Ali Edwards. You can see previous years by clicking the WitL tag.


Someone woke and wanted a cuddle from mum Back to sleep then awake after sleeping through our alarm (oops). Breakfast, check emails, make Miss K school lunch and help her get dressed. Check Instragram and they’ve changed the logo and layout. Delivery for J, cards for D&D. Someone had to wear a dress, just like her sister. I spent the morning cleaning the dining room while J worked. Lunch – savoury toast. Miss A decided to play a bit of kitchen soccer with the beach ball.


Then have a rest on the polar bear to watch some more Hey Dougee. Helping mum clean then hanging out waiting for Miss K to get home from school on the bus. Today’s weather. Tonight’s dinner – Beetroot meatballs with Aussie Roast veggies. Doing a survey for Neilson, it took HOURS, in between getting kids showered and to bed and washing up the dishes from dinner. Someone woke up just after midnight then crawled into bed at 12:45.

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