Week In The Life™ | Wednesday Words & Photos

Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project from the amazing scrapbooker/memory keeper Ali Edwards. You can see previous years by clicking the WitL tag.


Get up and leave 2 sleepy heads in one bed and then get Miss K out of bed and ready for school.  A cheese sandwich and some cereal for breakfast then watch a little Toybox on the iPad. Today’s lunch for Miss K – cab loaf ham & mayo sandwich, wagon wheel, LCM and tiny teddies. Miss A got into Miss K’s lipgloss, then after a shower played with a nursery rhyme app. J out working so Miss A & decided to clean up the lounge room. Found one of Miss K’s drawings. Miss A decided to watch some ABC 4 Kids. Today’s weather.


Floor cuddles. More Hey Duggee. The difference between me & J with bacon – rind off for me, rind on for J. Lunch – mini egg & bacon pies for Miss A, BLT for me, bacon & eggs for J. No soccer because of the forecasted weather. Miss A had a nap so I got to do some uni work and have a sneaky red skin.


And this is why soccer was cancelled, lots of rain! and wind. A bit of blogging while the girls watch the iPad on the cot. Tea tonight – tacos or taco salad. I made bread (& let it prove for nearly 4 hours!!!). One of Miss K’s soccer friends dropped round an invite to his party. Lots of washing inside due to the crappy weather. Miss A decided a dress up skirt & Hey Duggee were a better option than sleep.


School reader time. Miss A finally crashed about 10! Bread finally cooked. Off to bed with Tony Delroy, our weeknightly bedtime listening, on ABC radio. My bedtime companion, til J comes to bed, Mystra. Good night world.

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