What I’ve been up to

I finished off Week in the Life back in August and as you read we all had rotten head colds. These pretty much lasted most of September *sigh* I’ve had a serious lacking of mojo and the most I have done is plan the girls PL pages digitally and make a couple of cards. I did buy myself a Fuse though so hoping to get a bit more motivated and use it.

I’ve been doing a heap of journaling though, keeping up with my daily journaling using the Life:Captured Project prompts and have started the FREE Passion & Purpose 30-day Challenge

Oh, I got a new phone – an iPhone 6s and I am in love with the new 12mp camera, so lots of photos.

Not much else really. Hoping to get the mojo back soon – a good clean out and go through my old challenge book me thinks 😉 Look forward to sharing some more bits soon 🙂 Maybe even finish off my WitL album LOL

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