100 Things in 2019

It’s time for my 2019 list. A few from last year and a few new ones. Let’s see how we go in 2019!
Will be back in June with my mid-year check in

(bold is started, strike thru is finished & red isn’t done )

  1. Finally get gazebo up
  2. Replace the garage roof
  3. Organise garage & office
  4. New laundry storage (cupboard)
  5. Redo my herb garden
  6. Philips hue lights for kitchen
  7. Arlo doorbell
  8. Do Declutter 365
  9. Sort the kitchen
  10. sort our bedroom
  11. some kind of toy storage for the kids
  12. Get a new tattoo
  13. Get a massage
  14. finish Holly McCaig course
  15. Take 3 courses at DailyOM
  16. take a cooking class
  17. take a cake decorating class
  18. read at least a book a month (I’m slowly adding them over to Goodreads as I finish them)
  19. more me time
  20. look at uni return
  21. Personal email inbox to zero
  22. date night once a month
  23. Blog a new recipe each month
  24. Try something I’ve pinned and blog the results
  25. Monthly blog back up
  26. Blog everyday for 1 month (not for #30Lists)
  27. New design for Nightwolf’s Den
  28. blog calendar for Nightwolf’s Den
  29. blog calendar for Nightwolf Scraps
  30. catch up on Nightwolf Scraps posts I had planned in 2018
  31. work thru problogger course
  32. Zero work inbox monthly
  33. update portfolio
  34. business goddess course
  35. investigate work related courses
  36. Udemy courses
  37. BAS
  38. get some routines happening
  39. Anzac Day service
  40. See more of Tassie
  41. Visit QVMAG
  42. Have my parents over for dinner
  43. Watch a documentary every month (2/12)
  44. Have a board games night
  45. Visit the tessellated pavement
  46. Tahune air walk
  47. go on a random road trip
  48. go camping
  49. Create a mini Goddess altar
  50. Celebrate the solstices
  51. Read at least 3 books with a spiritual focus
  52. Meditate more
  53. Create a spiritual journal
  54. Do #30Lists (March, September, December)
  55. Do the 100 day happy project
  56. Finish JYC 2012, 2018
  57. Finish wedding scrapbook
  58. Organise all my paper scrapbook supplies
  59. Scrapbook with others more
  60. Get PL printed and in books
  61. Create a scrapping binder
  62. create a blanket from our old Hawks scarves
  63. finish Determined to Shine course
  64. Awesome Ladies Project – Lens
  65. Sort bookmarks (& delete duplicates or broken links)
  66. Sort & cull movie folder
  67. Sort and cull TV folder
  68. Sort photos
  69. Sort and cull double ups on music drive
  70. Sort EHDs and make sure there’s no duplicates
  71. Create some kick ass Spotify playlists
  72. Switch Off Sundays
  73. learn to do more with the etcher
  74. learn to use the Mac again
  75. Afternoon Teal
  76. Throw a dinner party
  77. Christmas club savings
  78. Craft with mum more
  79. Project Life date once a week
  80. Camp Reset
  81. visit a couple of waterfalls
  82. swim in the ocean
  83. star wars
  84. be an awesome lady
  85. go fishing
  86. Buy myself a Linkin Park t-shirt
  87. Buy myself some new bathers
  88. new ipads
  89. new apple watch
  90. new watch bands
  91. new router
  92. kit sub
  93. settlers collection
  94. Keep a gratitude journal
  95. aim for a weekly walk
  96. more outside time
  97. use the wii/xbox
  98. a year in pixels
  99. better sleep
  100. finish off our recipe book

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