14 Days of Thermo

I wasn’t sure how I’d go with this, especially when hubby said he wanted a chook roast but we managed and we got to try some new recipes, so it’s always a win.

Day 1 saw me making the salmon in the Varoma.

 Salmon Steaks with Cucumber & Spiced Yoghurt

Day 2 was homemade pizza dough from the EDC (Everyday Cookbook). I love this pizza dough recipe. I made smaller pizzas this time so had dough left over and have frozen it for quick pizzas for lunch or tea (or a late night snack). We had a garlic pizza to share, I had BBQ base, ham, onion and cheese, hubby & Miss K had tomato base, salami, ham and cheese.


Day 3 – we were out all day but I whipped up the 5 second chocolate coconut slice. I love this slice and will often whip it up if we’re going somewhere and I want to take a little something.


Day 4 – savoury mince (with a side of wedges, sour cream & sweet chilli). So yummy. Might add some more herbs next time. Made enough to feed 2 adults and a 4yo. Hubby had seconds and there was still heaps to freeze for another night.


Day 5 – first time cooking a roast chicken in the Thermo. Used the recipe from the ThermoFun Cook Along. Super moist. Downside was, even with putting it in the oven for 15 minutes, no crispy skin. I can live with that.


Day 6 – Chicken mornay with leftover chicken. Yes the recipe is tuna but we substituted chicken for tuna. Very  nice. Served with rice. Would be yum mixed with pasta and sprinkled with some cheese


Day 7 – Sausage casserole from ThermoFun. Hubby thought this had too much tomato. I loved it, mixed with some sweet chilli sauce. Miss K loved it & has 3 helpings!!


Day 8 – Yoghurt (using the ThermoFun recipe – this is one of the best I’ve tried and turns out nice and thick) & berry coulis (EDC). So much cheaper than buying it. And I forgot to photograph it :/

Day 9 – Ended up staying at Mum& Dad’s for tea but had made some brownies earlier in the day. LOVE these brownies


Day 10 – Creamy tomato & bacon pasta. A quick, yum family favourite


Day 11 – Bourbon chicken (a ThremoFun club recipes). Mixed responses. Was nice but not sure if we’d have it again.


Day 12 –Honey Mustard Lamb roast (before cooking and served with roast veg)

IMG_5465 IMG_5471

Day 13 – bread. The BEST every white bread (so far). Super crispy crust and soft bread in the middle. Delicious – especially strait out of the oven spread with butter *yum*


Day 14 – Finally… curried sausages from the recipe community. Always yum. I added a bit of coconut this time and it’s yum.


Would I give this a go again? Hell yeah. I’ve enjoyed trying new recipes and using my Thermomix more. Maybe I’ll make it a monthly project.

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