2022 – a year in review

So 9 days into 2023 and I’m finally getting around to doing my year in review.

2022 was an … interesting year.

January – school holidays. Crafting. fatal car accident out the front of our house.Lots of foster kittens.Kids got first covid jabs. Dad’s birthday. my birthday. Dylan Alcott got Australian of the Year.
February – Covid boosters. Chinese New Year. Started setting up the craft room. Back to school (Grade 2 & Grade 6!!).  Kara’s birthday. 2nd Covid jab for her. Dad had a heart attack.
March – Statewide internet & mobile phone outage. Kara trialled contact. My uncle (Mum’s brother) passed away. School athletics. 2nd Covid jab for Anastasia. My niece turned 1.
April – Kara started club hockey.School holidays. workshop at Bev’s playing with polymer clay. Kittens with ringworm.
May – Artist trading card workshops. First game of club hockey. Rangers FC made the Europa League final, lost on penalties. But then made Scottish Cup final & won. Federal election, Labour won. School cross country. First trip away without kids. Battle of Crete memorial.
June – TPSSA Cross Country for Kara. Crystal workshop. Would have been Mum’s birthday.
July – School hockey. Flu vax for me & James. Paper making. School holidays. Children’s Uni event at AMC. Cousin got married, we were sick & couldn’t go. Arm warmer workshop at Rascal Robot. Kids sick
August – me sick. bought a new dishwasher, washing machine & dryer with tax return. Anastasia’s birthday. James finally got to see specialist about his knee (only taken a year & a half!). Book week.
September – James sick. Queen Elizabeth II dies and Charles becomes king. Applied to the high school Kara wants to go to. Club hockey finals, lost but Kara scored a goal. Hockey presentation evening. James had MRI on his knee.  TPSSA Athletics for Kara.
October – School holidays. Council elections. New dishwasher, washing machine & dryer delivered. James collapsed, ambulance trip to A&E. Blood clots to 90% of his lungs. Stayed in hospital for a week. Stem Club for Kara. Mental health issues for Kara.
November – James started physio. School Hobart trip with the Grade 5/6 classes. Social club hockey. TPSSA Swimming carnival for Kara. High school transition days.
December – End of year school stuff. Grade 6 leaver’s dinner. Presentation assembly, both girls got an award. Christmas stuff. Annual Christmas dinner with friends. Quiet Christmas day, short visits with immediate family. Set up the tent in the backyard & the kids pretty much stayed there every night. Quiet NYE.

So that is pretty much what happened in 2022 for us. Here’s hoping to a healthier 2023 and a good start to high school for Kara.

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