A little ladybird who liked to eat

Food is a pretty big thing when it comes to kids’ parties, am I right? You have to do fairy bread, well in our family anyway – it’s no party unless there is fairy bread!

If you do a search for ladybird themed food on pinterest, there is a LOT of cupcakes. I found a cute little Wilton cupcake kit at Spotlight so used that but here is some cupcake inspiration…

Jen Fisher this just might be my desire for Sophia's 1st bday. A ladybug cake & a few cupcakes for the small ones :):  ladybugs:  Lady Bug Cupcakes:  Ladybug cupcakes.:  Cute Garden Critters bee ladybird spider caterpillar snail cupcakes:  Ladybug cupcakes on red velvet -- or red velvet chocolate chip for the spots?:

If you are feeling creative there are cake pops, dipped pretzels, dipped marshmallows, creative fruits and lots more….And how cute are the cheese!

Ladybird Cake Pops.: Ladybug Marshmallows.  The source includes lots of decorating ideas for a ladybug theme.:  Chocolate Strawberry Ladybugs!  For best results, use dark, milk or white Chocoley Drizzle & Design Chocolate. http://www.chocoley.com/list/drizzle-design-chocolate #strawberry #chocolate: Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Treats: Lovebugs on a Log #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas:   Ladybug m's...use a food writer pen! (see link for blog for other ideas - cake pop instructions!): These cute little ladie bugs were made using apple slices and chocolate frosting.:  Ladybug Jello Fruit Cup. This is too cute.:  FOOD - idea for kids party:  Lady Bug Cheese made with those red wax covered mini cheeses and olives!!:

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