A new project

Warning – this post is photo heavy.

Yet again I’m undertaking a new project. This is one I’ve tried to do in previous years but, honestly lost interest after the first day or two. BUT since the birth of Miss A I really want to document our every day and special moments.
Soooo I’m doing Ali Edwards Week in the Life (if you don’t know what Week in the Life is go here and read about it – we’ll wait). I gave this a go last year but did one day and then gave up. This year I am determined not to give up. I’m planning on blogging photos and stories here at the end of each day – helping me be a bit more accountable. Hopefully. Then at the end of the week I’ll create my pages and share them here. I’m not going to try and create my pages each day again. Think that’s one of the reasons I gave up last year.

Anywho, on to today’s photos and stories ……

WitL14_Mon01 WitL14_Mon02 WitL14_Mon03 WitL14_Mon04 WitL14_Mon05 WitL14_Mon06 WitL14_Mon07 WitL14_Mon08 WitL14_Mon09  WitL14_Mon10 WitL14_Mon11 WitL14_Mon12 WitL14_Mon13 WitL14_Mon14 WitL14_Mon15 WitL14_Mon16 WitL14_Mon17 WitL14_Mon18 WitL14_Mon19 WitL14_Mon20 WitL14_Mon21 WitL14_Mon22WitL14_Mon23  WitL14_Mon24WitL14_Mon25  

Today we….

  • woke at 4am to give Miss A a feed
  • Thunderstorms woke me & J up. Girls slept through it. That said we all stayed in bed til nearly 10!
  • Late breakfast, cuppa, check emails and blogs. Gotta love the feral morning hair
  • Quick shower and then some work before ringing Telstra to get some mobile issues sorted
  • Miss A went down for a nap. On our bed while the cat slept in the bassinet.
  • Mum came in for lunch.
  • Miss K, Miss A, Mum & I went to town for Miss K’s swimming lessons
  • Trip to Coles where we found Irn Bru!! and Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers (treats from Scotland)
  • Tea prep then chicken mornay for tea.
  • Miss A off to sleep for the night while I play a game or two of Bubble Witch 2 (what??)
  • Quick treat and checking emails then getting Miss A back to sleep.
  • Surfing the net, doing some blogging and watching Q and A
  • Sorting my photos for today
  • Hot chocolate then off to bed.

See you tomorrow!

One thought on “A new project”

  1. I love it! Looks like you definitely got the little details of everyday life. I need to work on that and make sure I don’t take the same kinds of photos all week long.

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