Another 100 Happy days update

Happy days for May (from day 39 to 69)

May 2015 #100HappyDays

May 1. YIAH KFC style chicken & Homemade YIAH wedges; 2. Wearing new shoes to bed. Just like her uncle did when he was little; 3.Dance like no one is watching; 4. May the 4th; 5.With weather like this I’m happy to have a roof over my head, a warm wood fire and a god supply of candles; 6. Getting creative with her old Duplo; 7. My Mother’s Day present made at Kindy; 8. Gorgeous flowers from Mum from my brother in Hobart (delivered via our house); 9. Sorting scrapping supplies; 10. Pretty sunset’; 11. Pencil decoration and photo by Miss K; 12. Crashed in my arms after swimming; 13. Pulling herself up on the seat to watch Play School; 14. School Cross Country day; 15. Clean and organised pantry. Thanks to some help from mum.; 16. Story time with my mum; 17. Glass magnets; 18. Sleepy kitty keeping me company; 19. Waiting for swimming lessons; 20. Soccer training cancelled due to rain. Xbox soccer instead; 21. Love she is happy to entertain herself; 22.Preordered Ali Edwards Week in the Life kit; 23 Love this photo of mum & Miss K; 24 Love these printables from Riot; 25. Good food; 26. Foggy. Would be an awesome opportunity to get the camera out; 27 Brings back memories; 28 New beanie; 29 First visit to the dentist; 30 We’re a happy team; 31. Roast Moroccan style chicken, couscous stuffing and roast veg.

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