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I’m currently taking a bloggy break but the lovely Paige is doing a guest post today looking at iPhone/iPad apps for busy mums.

Everyone know that being a mum is a 24 hour a day job, so when it comes to packing activities and tasks into their busy schedules, mums are the queens of multi-tasking.

Fortunately, they don’t have to go it alone. Thanks to the convenience of modern technology like the iPhone or tablet computers, mums have plenty of help when it comes to keeping track of their busy lives. Certainly the iPhone has become one of the most useful devices for categorising and organising our schedules. Here are some of the apps we would recommend for busy Mums:


Grocery Guru – keep track of your shopping lists with the Grocery Guru. You can organise items by store, occasion (mum’s 70th birthday party) or in any other way you see fit. This free app makes it easy to keep multiple shopping lists on hand. You’ll also have the option to send and receive lists from other App users so you can divvy up lists for multiple shoppers. This is the perfect app to see you through the busy holidays.


iTube List – parents of young children will know how invaluable YouTube clips are to buy a few minutes of sanity in their days. The challenge is that it can be difficult to ensure your children only consume kid-friendly content, especially if your kids know how to navigate your mobile on their own. iTube ensures your child only views age appropriate material on YouTube to give you peace of mind with a bit of peace and quiet.


You Rule Chore List – a fun way to get your kids doing their chores. This handy little app turns chores into a game where kids can “compete” to earn coins to purchase powers for their characters in the game. Parents can control the level of competition and act as referee to assign chores and update kids’ statuses.


Any To Do – for busy mums that hate traditional to-do lists, this app is great for organising tasks based on their urgency and importance. By arranging tasks in to visual quadrants, visual thinkers will be able to better interpret how they should prioritise their days.


Easy Spending Expense Tracker – take the complications out of your household budgeting. This app makes it easy to keep track of your day to day expenses and can help you get a better handle on your finances by understanding where you’re spending the most and what opportunities there are to save some dollars.

Busy mums will love the time they can save with these helpful apps and all of the great technology they can get with computer rentals. Will you spend some time on yourself or will you try to cram more into your busy day?

Author Bio: Paige writes in Sydney about technology, computers and electronic devices for a rental finance company.

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