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With only 11 (!!!!!) days til Digital Parents Conference I thought I’d do a bit of sharing & linking up to some posts I’m finding really useful in my own prep for the first blogging conference I’ve attended.

For the last couple of weeks, Twitter has been buzzing with the topic of clothing and what people are wearing to Digital Parents Conference. Especially this dress (nicknamed the condom dress).
and then there was this comment by the lovely Tina of Tinagraydotme


puts it into perspective a bit. I remember reading somewhere, I can’t for the life of me think where though, that you should dress in clothes that are you and are something that you are comfortable in.

What am I wearing? Ah, that will be a surprise. In other words I have no real idea yet but I have some clothes picked that all coordinate so I’ll pick on the day. Thanks to my awesome mum I have a few new outfits for this trip 🙂 (love you mum!)

Being a blogging conference, of course tech will be a big thing to bring be it laptops, iPads, smart phones.

Nikki at Styling You has a great Geek girl guide: what to take to a blogging conference and Danimezza has a list of 10 things to take to an event.

I’ve made my list of what I’ll take & I’m hoping it’ll all fit in a great little bag I bought on eBay last year for my iPad

dpcon post

1. my iPad (obviously) & iiNet mobile wireless (case by Belkin Australia & stickers by FollowMe sticker)
2. Bluetooth foldable keyboard
3. pens
4. a blank notebook
5. business cards
6. some mints (not pictured)
7. makeup bag
8. camera and spare batteries
9. backup power for iPad & iPhone

Other useful links
Blogging Basics 101 – Attending a Blog Conference: Tips & Advice
Blog Conference Newbie (US focused) has some interesting posts
My Front Porch Swing has a couple of great posts – Prepping your blog and what to pack in your bag
Whispered Inspirations has a great conference guide for newbies
The anti-clique conference by Zoey @ Good Goog
Crash Test Mummy – A guide to surviving DPCON12 for the shy blogger
Fake it Till You Make it – How to Confidently Fake it from Sonia
Blogging conferences and what to expect
DIGITAL PARENTS CONFERENCE 2012: The Event, The Lifesaver & The Link Up 

Have you decided what you’re wearing? What your bringing?
Do you have a great resource to share that I can add to my list?

I’m also joining in with Tina’s Piquing my Pinterest

Tina Gray {dot} Me


Digital Parents
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10 thoughts on “Blogging Conferences – some resources”

  1. Thanks for quoting me! Heh. Love the links you’ve shared here. It’s a little intimidating for newbie conference go-ers attending their first conference so I love these posts from more seasoned bloggers 🙂

    1. no probs. if you love the stickers I have a code for 25% off (go to and enter the code TWITTER42)

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks so much for linking to my post. Really appreciated!
    What are you up to Thursday night before #DPDrinks? Would you like to join a group of us for dinner? Everyone is welcome to join us – I just need to know numbers so I can book a table.
    Beside myself excited ;o)
    See you there!

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