Around here in 2023

Welcome to 2023! Yeah I know it’s nearly the end of January but life has been a bit more relaxed since Christmas. We’re enjoying the warm days, sleeping in when we don’t have work, the kids are sleeping in the tent most nights. Cricket is on the TV. Life is just generally slower before the rush of back to school and more structure in the first week of February.
The eldest is off to High School this year so that will be interesting.

Anywho, what can you expect here on the blog for 2023?

  • I’m starting with a good clean up. The majority of my craft posts will be leaving, they may turn up on my craft blog – Nightwolf Crafts.
  • I have a couple of Catching Up posts scheduled that I wrote towards the end of 2022 and never posted.
  • In the Den Kitchen is going to get a major revamp. I’m not sure what as yet but it’s going to change.
  • I’ll be archiving a bunch of outdated posts.
  • Still posting my planner setups and weekly layouts.
  • A new 101 things list (the last one finished in October 2022)
  • More of the Travelling Tasmania series.
  • Party planning for a 13th and 9th birthday
  • A new series of posts.
  • General posts about blogging, family, food and planners.
  • I’m hoping to branch out a little in 2023 with some planner things but we’ll see how that goes Smile

Hope you all had a good Christmas & New Year and I hope 2023 is a good year for you.

Hello April

Wow here we are in April already.

I managed to blog every day last month, which is pretty good for me. I have a new recipe to share with you in the next couple of days that we tried last month & have cooked a few times since.

I don’t think I’ll continue the Boho Berry challenge for April, I may revisit it in May but I don’t know if I’d blog it again or if I did I’d do it in a different way.

Not much else is happening apart from lots of birthdays and planning for our 2018 Afternoon Teal event.

Hope your March was ok