Ooh, That’s Pinteresting!–the home edition

Joining in with Tina for Ooh, That’s Pinteresting this week (first time I’ve played along)

Tina Gray {dot} Me

Tomorrow we’re getting the house we’re in valued so we can go for a bank loan. Fingers crossed we’ll be home owners by the end of the year. Which means we can do more stuff around the house.

I would love to do this for the planned BBQ area in the back yard.

Source: google.com via Caroline on Pinterest


and this would look awesome as edging on the paths and maybe even the driveway


and this inside the door to look after my keys


This is what I want the laundry to look like


then in the pantry I will have this


and I’d love this for beside the fridge (except there is no room after buying a new fridge/freezer)


All these images (& many, many more) can be found on my pinterest. If you’d like an invite, let me know Smile

What I’ve been up to

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from the online world (well apart from checking out twitter on my phone & checking my email only twice a day.) Where have I been I hear you ask? Well I’m glad you did.

It’s been glorious weather here for the last few days so Miss K & I have been out gardening (while hubby & the FIL have been building us a new gate)

We started off with with the garden near the mailbox.


This is what it looked like just after we moved in and we weeded and redid the whole garden. Then it kinda got left and got overtaken with weeds *sigh* This is what it looks like now (I’ve added another 2 plants since this was taken)


Then there is the little side garden which was going to be a rose garden but I decided the other day to turn it into a succulent garden for all my little cacti that needed repotting.

The before: The after:
IMG_0055 IMG_0065

and I also ended up doing the garden beside the driveway. So I’ve been a busy little garden bug.

And then yesterday it poured!

Hopefully this weekend it will be nice again so I can do a bit more. Gotta love the warmer weather, so you can get outside and do things. Miss K is loving it!