Let’s get creative

Disclaimer: The following post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Spotlight

If you know me well, you know I’m a bit of a Spotlight junkie and I love the wide variety of crafty goodies they have. When I was given the opportunity to have a play with some crafty products from Spotlight I jumped at the chance.

I received a package containing some of the American Crafts DIY Shop goodies – the pennant banner in black & kraft, the kraft scallop banner, kraft treat bag, and some kraft cards.


As soon as I saw the black pennant banners I had an idea for what I wanted to do – a banner for the girls bedroom. We’re about to redo the girls bedroom in an Asian theme so the black pennants fit perfectly with the black, red and gold.

IMG_9200 IMG_9201
IMG_9204 IMG_9205

The kraft pennant banner is going to become a decoration for Christmas. No photos as yet but I will be sharing them once they are done.

The kraft scallop banner I wasn’t sure about but after surfing Pinterest for awhile I formulated a few ideas. I mini banner for our bedroom. I’m also thinking it could be used to make a super cute mini album as the shape makes it pretty versatile for things other than banners.


The treat bags I’m not sure what I’ll do with as yet. And the cards, here’s a few I whipped up.

IMG_9206 IMG_9207

The banners are so versatile and I look forward to creating more with them. Blank cards are always handy to have on hand and kraft is such a great neutral base and something different from the usual white/cream. If you are interested to see what else I create with the DIY Shop range (& to see the complete Asian themed and Christmas banners), jump on over to Nightwolf Scraps.

So if you are after some DIY cards or pennants for your next do, head into Spotlight and check out the American Crafts DIY Shop range.

Week in the Life 2015 {Monday}

Week in the Life is a week-long documentation project from the amazing scrapbooker/memory keeper Ali Edwards. Last year was the first time I did a full week and you can see what I posted by clicking the WitL tag. This week I’ll be sharing a selection of photos and words from the day before.

This year I bought Ali’s WitL kit so I’m determined to actually scrap this year (unlike last year) but I will be sharing that at the end.


Woke Monday morning all ready to get started with the week but Miss K wasn’t well so we rang the school and all went back to bed. Finally back up and had breakfast, checked emails and had a cuppa. Pottered around home, did some housework and some work. Put Miss A down for a nap then the rest of us had some lunch – a choice of bacon, egg, mushroom & coleslaw. James decided to watch Gremlins with Miss K, that lasted until the gremlins came on then it was “too scary”. I managed to get some of the Web Dev course I’m doing at Udemy in. We decided to grab some take away for tea, then the girls had a bath, Skyped with my mum, had a story then went to bed.

J spent the evening playing Diablo while I surfed the net and watched TV.

Scrap Teal You Drop 2015

For the last couple of years I’ve taken part in the Ovarian Cancer Australia fundraising event – Afternoon Teal. Mum & I have named our event Scrap Teal You Drop and attendees take part in a full day of scrapbooking and card making.

This year we gave our small group two challenges. The first challenge which took up the morning portion of the day was to create two cards in an hour. We gave the ladies a bag which contained two cards (one rectangle and the other was either a teapot or teacup), 2 pieces of ribbon, some twine, 2 blank boxes to add a sentiment to if they wished, some embellishments, 3 pieces of pattern paper and a doily. They could only use what was in their bag plus our range of stamps, inks and paper punches.

I was amazed at the variety of cards that were created. The judging process was not a job I wanted on the day. I recruited my dad and uncles to be our judges for the day and the whole process was anonymous with only myself knowing which creation belonged to which attendant. So I wasn’t allowed to talk to the judges all day 😉

Our winners were the following cards and I’ve placed the rest of the cards up on my Facebook page

DSC_0045 DSC_0039

The afternoon challenge was a bit harder. The Teal Throw Down challenge the ladies to create a 6×12 page using only the colours we gave them – teal, pink, yellow, purple and a neutral (white or kraft) plus 3 embellishments, a piece of pattern paper ,a piece or ribbon OR twine (not both) and no more than 5 rhinestones or sequins. Honestly I would struggle with this one but the ladies created some amazing pages. A couple worked in pairs while others worked alone. The judges picked this page as our winner:


the other pages can be seen on my Facebook page as well.

Everyone had a great time and we managed to raise $800. Donations are still open so if you would like to donate to this cause, pop on over to my Afternoon Teal page.

DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0027 DSC_0028 DSC_0015 DSC_0031 DSC_0029 DSC_0026

A huge thank you to the wonderful businesses who donated prizes for our day. Please go check them out and give them some love!

Bev’s Cross Craft, Kellie Stamps, Simple Scrapper, Max & I, Sweets Caroline and ThermoFun.

A MASSIVE thank you must go to my mum (& dad), who let us use their house, organised a delicious lunch and helped with all the prep and running the day.

Lastly thanks to all who came along. Hope you had a great day. Look forward to seeing you all next year!

December Daily 2014–planning

December Daily 2014 @ Nigtwolf's Den

December daily…well actually Journal Your Christmas (JYC) but its daily & in December so there you go 😉

I’ve been doing JYC since 2010 in 8×8 format and have completed the 2010 & 2011. 2012 & 2013 haven’t happened. Well they have, sort of. I’ve done all the journaling, created some page plans and then that was it. I totally had a valid excuse last year. I was just over 2 months pregnant and had horrid morning sickness.

This year I’m changing things up a little. Changing from an 8×8 album to a Sn@p 6×8 red burlap album.

Sn@p Red Burlap 6x8 album

The plan is a little project life style, a little traditional pages. Using mainly the Simple Stories Christmas ranges and I’ve been busy creating cards to go in my album.

Here’s a sneak at some of the goodies I’ve created so far using lots of stamps from Kellie Stamps. I am rather in love with her stamps and am slowly gaining a collection ;), my Copics and some Simple Stories stuff from last year.

Be Merry 4x6 card Doily tree 4x6 cardElf 3x4 card Reindeer 3x4 card

Christmas Scrapping

Disclaimer – contains affiliate links. It helps pay the bills 😉

Well it’s that time of year again when some scrappers start getting in a tizzy over the latest Christmas releases. All the gorgeous papers, the ribbons, the washi, the cute embellishments, the new Project Life cards. It can end up being totally overwhelming.

Then there’s the choice of how to scrap the holiday period – Ali’s December Daily, Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas, creating a mini album, adding spreads to your Project Life album, creating pages for your traditional album….so many Christmas scrapping choices!

I’m here to share with you a tool that I’m finding super helpful so far (and the holiday madness hasn’t really started here yet). And the best part is – it’s FREE!!

I’ve been a fan of Simple Scrapper for AGES and I totally love Jennifer’s free events she runs.

Holiday Scrapbooking Can Be Magical!

Scrapbooking can start to feel like a drag when you do it all alone. You’re invited to become part of a community of like-minded memory keepers who will build you up and keep you on track all season long.

Free Seasonal Event from Simple Scrapper

The Holiday Focus community circle at Simple Scrapper can be your home on the web during this busy time of year, a place to ask every question and celebrate every victory. Your FREE, online experience includes:

Exclusive planning workbook to focus your individual efforts
Private, 24-7 community of peers on Facebook
Weekly check-ins to keep you focused and on track
Optional opportunity to be assigned a buddy within the group

It’s not just about scrapbooking Christmas…

My #1 goal is to support whatever YOU most want to work on during November and December. Whether you’re creating a daily album or finishing up other projects, this community is for you!

So click here, sign up and join other Holiday scrappers and be totally motivated!!

We will remember them {free printable journal cards}

Today is Remembrance Day here in Australia. At 11am people around the country will pause for a minutes silence to remember those who fight for their country, who lost their lives in battle or as a result of battle. The brave men and women who served and continue to serve.

This year I decided to add a card to both my girls’ Project Life albums. I decided to make a set of free printable journal cards for project life in different sizes in case anyone else wanted to use it. Image came from someone on Facebook and I’m searching for the original. Anywho, here are the cards. They are free for personal use. There are 2 4×6 and 2 3×4.

Remembrance Day Cards 2014


Week in the Life 2014 – Sunday

Thanks to the awesome support team at Little Hero Host who worked out what the issue and now I can post again from Live Writer.

And here we are the last day of Week in the Life for 2014. I made it through a whole week this year even if I forgot to take a few photos towards the end. I made heaps of notes of what we did though.


  • A ended up in with us overnight.
  • Woke about 8:30 and stayed in bed til about 9
  • Quick breakfast then dressed.
  • Started cleaning lounge
  • J cleaning up garage. Girls & I checked out peas growing in our weed filled garden.
  • K, A & I spent some time in the hammock.
  • Put roast on for tea
  • Lunch – toasted sandwich
  • Mum picked up K for the afternoon taking her to see gran.
  • J & I pottered in garage. A in the Ergo carrier.
  • Had tea when K got home.
  • Baby bath time then bed.
  • Late night dip sandwich while blogging and checking social media
  • Bed!!

Today (Monday) I plan to do a photo tour of our house. I may or may not share it here. It will be in my album.
Now to sit down and create my pages.
Looking forward to next year and seeing what has changed and what is the same.

Week in the Life 2014 – Saturday

IMG_5419 IMG_5421 IMG_5424 IMG_5428 IMG_5430 IMG_5431 IMG_5432IMG_5441 IMG_5444 IMG_5446

  • Miss A woke at 7:30
  • Back to sleep til 10.
  • Up showered, breakfast.
  • Made Peppa Pig cookies with Miss K.
  • Went to the shop then feed dog & cat.
  • Pantsvember!! back into jeans. Thanks to all who donated for Frocktober
  • Lunch – savs/toast/sandwich
  • Did some washing.
  • Did some more in the kitchen
  • Tea – bourbon chicken & rice
  • Got girls to bed.
  • Cleared off table for D&D
  • Two laptops. Multitasking. Surfing the net on the PC while sorting files on the Mac

Week in the Life 2014 – Friday

So Live Writer, for some strange reason cannot connect to my blog so i’m having to blog from WP itself :/ and it’s Sunday night and I have to redo all my posts I had in draft in Live Writer *sigh* totally first world problems but frustrating. Backdating posts as well so this will appear on Saturday, just to confuse you all :p

Now we play catch up…..

Friday was a bit light on photos but lots of notes.

IMG_5397 IMG_5398 IMG_5399 IMG_5400 IMG_5401 IMG_5403 IMG_5404 IMG_5405 IMG_5411 IMG_5414 IMG_5415 IMG_5416 IMG_5417 IMG_5418


  • Miss A woke at 7. Feed then back to sleep.
  • J let us all sleep til 9:30 when I got up. Girls slept til 10.
  • Cuppa & breakfast- fruit & yoghurt. Miss K had a story with J
  • Started watching creativeLIVE
  • Shower
  • Happy mail – scrappy canary monthly sub
  • Lunch – French toast or a fried egg or a boiled egg
  • Miss A had a nap in cot.
  • Cleaned kitchen.
  • Tea – creamy tomato and bacon pasta
  • Made dough for pizza scrolls
  • Took a to bed.
  • Made pizza scrolls and apple muffins.
  • Skyped mum.
  • Put girls to bed while J went out.
  • Mum came in and we did some cards
  • The last of my dresses for Frocktober