Christmas 2013 pt 6

Can you believe it is nearly Christmas? Are you excited yet? Or are you like hubby and can’t wait for it to be over? I’m still pottering along with the Organised Christmas challenges. Hope I’m not boring you too much 😉

Day 26
Christmas task: Picking Christmas outfits. Will depend on the weather Christmas day. I haven’t even started my handmade gifts, namely cause they are all food gifts so will get done the weekend before Christmas. I trialled a new gingerbread recipe in the Thermomix over the weekend so this will be our gingerbread recipe for this year. You can check it out on the recipe community.
Household task: I cleaned the laundry. Well I caught up on the washing that was sitting on the floor :/

Day 27
Christmas task: Sat down and wrote up what food I need to buy for the food gifts and Christmas day.
Household task: My laptop desk is my office at the moment so gave it a good clean. Also cleaned around it. Even gave my keyboard and mouse a clean *yuck*

Day 28
Christmas task: Made sure all the bits to go to Scotland where finished. Mum is posting them soon.
Household task: Cleaned the lounge room, again. Looked like a bomb had hit it – all be it a glitter/tinsel bomb. Within 5 minutes there was toys everywhere again 🙁

Day 29
Christmas task: Spent the day with Mum working on some Christmas presents 🙂
Household task: Gave the bathroom a good clean.

Day 30
Christmas task: We’re going to friends for an early Xmas tea next week and will go for a drive on the way home to check out the lights.
Household task: Spent the afternoon cleaning up the sunroom as Miss had stuff everywhere. Little does she know her table will be going out into her cubby house she’s getting from Santa and mum gets her sunroom back again 😉 It’s an awesome room for reading/napping during summer and winter. When it’s clean it’s one of my favourite rooms.

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