Finishing off my 101 list

I’ve gone through my list (which you can check out here) and thought I’d list what is left. Then I thought about it some more and a few of those items aren’t on my radar any more, aren’t of interest or not doable by April.
SO here’s what I still have left to do by April……

  1. new jumpers for me
  2. a set of oracle cards
  3. buy a Linkin Park t-shirt (I regret never getting one in my 20s)
  4. get our wedding scrapbook finished
  5. Keep up to date with my ALP
  6. Create a quilt from the kids’ old clothes (at least get them cut)
  7. Create a blanket of our old band/tv show t-shirts (as above)
  8. create a spiritual journal/workbook
  9. celebrate the sabbats
  10. aim for a weekly walk
  11. create a recipe book
  12. Have a BBQ (when we get the gazebo up!)
  13. complete one of my udemy courses
  14. learn to crochet
  15. Take the kids to Tazmazia
  16. Visit the tessellated pavement
  17. Cradle Mountain
  18. answer the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind
  19. write my name in wet cement
  20. give my personal blog a makeover
  21. sort our movie library
  22. Watch sunrise & sunset in the same day
  23. Get that damn gazebo up
  24. take the kids 10 pin bowling
  25. make a brand new 101 in 1001 list!

25 actionable things to do by the 28th of April. I can do this

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