Frocktober 2013: Days 22 to 31


Well here we are – the final stretch. At the time of posting the grand Frocktober total (raised by all participants) is $280,521.45!! How amazing is that! Congratulations to all involved.

Now onto my final dresses…….

Day 22

Frocktober 2013 Day 22

Day 23

Frocktober 2013 Day 23

Day 24

Frocktober 2013 Day 24

day 25

Frocktober 2013 Day 25

day 26 (ha how not impressed do I look here. it was rather cold)

Frocktober 2013 Day 26

day 27

Frocktober 2013 Day 27

day 28 (hmm I kinda like this dress)

Frocktober 2013 Day 28

day 29

Frocktober 2013 Day 29

day 30

Frocktober 2013 Day 30

day 31 (omg scary white legs! look a bit ghostie)

Frocktober 2013 Day 31

And with that Frocktober is over for another year. A HUGE thank you to those who have donated so far.
I’ll be back again next year and asking for your donations again.

Must say I do look forward to tomorrow and having the option of wearing jeans if it’s cold.

My donation page. Current tally – $855 ($20 is still to be added but have the money) Goal – $1000
You can continue to donate for another couple of weeks.

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