Frocktober 2014 – Week 1

This year’s Frocktober theme is Every Frock Has a Story. I’ll be sharing the story behind each of my frocks in a weekly post. Here’s the first 5 days. You can sponsor me at my Frocktober page.


My last day in jeans for the next 31 days. God I hope it warms up!


Oct 1
Dress from Target, T-shirt – Hawthorn FC
Story: A total bargain from Target, found when looking for maternity wear. On special for $20 when it was near $80 at full price. Yeah there is a little bit of celebrating there too. Spent the day at the Hawthorn FC celebration of their AFL Grand Final win. 12 Premierships. Back to back premiers (2013-2014), 25 years from our last back to back (1988-1989)


Oct 2
Dress from Breastmates
Story: A gift from my Mum. One of a few breastfeeding friendly clothes from a great little online store (who I’ll be reviewing soon on my other blog – From the Wolf’s Den)


Oct 3
Dress from Breastmates
Story: Another breastfeeding friendly dress. Not quite warm enough to wear just the dress alone yet.


Oct 4
Dress from Rivers
Story: A pick up from a Rivers end of year sale a few years back. It’s a constant summer favourite.


Oct 5
Dress from Millers
Story: Another sale find. Still not warm enough for just dresses so long sleeve tops over dresses is the go.

My goal for 2014: $700
Total so far: $115.50
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