From the Den kitchen–February 2022

A quieter month for the new recipes and we stuck to a lot of tried and true favourites. Lots of French Onion soup additions this month.

Creamy French Onion Chicken Salad. This was so good. Think I was the only one who actually enjoyed it but oh well, more for me.


Beef Satay. We all enjoyed this one. I think I was the only one who liked the sauce. Think next time we’ll try a different cut of steak though.


French Onion Honeycomb pasta. Big thumbs up from everyone on this one. Really nice the next day too.


Creamy French chicken. Good. Something I’d cook again. Want to try it thickened up a bit and in a pie.


We love a good steak meal and decided instead of our usual chips & egg side we’d go with some veg. This time we tried Hassleback potatoes with garlic & herb butter and Honey garlic butter roasted carrots. YUMMO! So much garlic.


Creamed tomato soup in the Thermomix. Nope. Not a fan. Can’t put my finger on it but this was a big no from everyone.

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