From the Den Kitchen–March 2022

Another month down and some new recipes for you all.


Thermofun Egg & Bacon Pie. Nothing beats a good E&B pie. It’s even better when you make them yourself. This one gets a thumbs up from everyone.


Mexican Chicken. Meh. Needs changes but a quick 4 ingredient meal.


Recipe Tin Eats Beef Stew. This is so good. Everyone loved it so that’s always a win. First time we did it in the slow cooker and it was so melt in the mouth delicious. Second time was on the stove and without the celery. Still delicious but not as good. This is one you can prep the night before, chuck it in the slow cooker then switch it on in the morning.


Beef Rissoles. If a fan of a good beef rissole and these were pretty yummo. Another liked by all, including the cat who stole half of one out of the pan.


Chicken Tetrazzini. This is so yummy. I made it without mushrooms as I’m the only one who eats them. Did cook up a batch in butter though and stirred it through mine.


Recipe Tin Eats Oven baked pork chops with Potatoes. This was ok but next time I might try it with a different cut of pork. Apparently you can also use chicken so we might try that sometime.


Satay Chicken. Pretty good. Most of the house don’t like satay. This one would be super yum over noodles or cold as a satay chicken salad (with a few additions). I’m thinking I’ll try that with the leftovers and let you know the result.


Ham & Corn Pasta Salad. Made this for the big kid for school lunches. She loved it. I loved it. Think it will become another addition to her lunchbox choices. Could also change the dressing flavour with the addition of different types of mustard- I’m thinking either Dijon or seeded.

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