Happy Holidays

15 days in and I’m only just changing my blog theme. Oh dear. Oh well it is 2020 Winking smile

What’s been happening here over the last few months? Lots.

Work has been busy. I’m busy planning to add some new services next year and do some New Year/Back to School specials.

The kiddos finish school for the summer break on Thursday. Today is their school pool picnic. I feel sorry for their teachers. Behaviour at home has been pretty shocking but they are tired and over the whole year. I know I am.

Mum’s first anniversary passed quietly. We spent the afternoon with Dad. Did some cleaning out in the garage (nearly all the craft stuff is boxed up and ready to come here – I’m getting a craft room again!). Had a BBQ. Dad & the kiddos played a bit of cricket. Mum would have loved it.

I’ve been doing lots of crafting but that will all be over at Nightwolf Scraps

We’re still fostering cats. We now own 4 cats after one has become a permanent foster due to her stressful nature. Slowly becoming the crazy cat lady, haha!

I’ve enrolled to do some study next year. Waiting to hear back more details after getting offered a place.

That’s about it really. Will be back later with our recipes for the last few months. Some really yum foods.

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