It’s all in the decorations

You can go as big or as simple as you like with decorations for any party. This year since we are having a small afternoon tea gathering we’re keeping it simple – balloons, some dangling things and lady bird themed table decorations. We found Discount Party Supplies to be our one stop shop for decorations and will use them for future decorating needs.

That’s not why you are here though, is it? You’re here to see what ideas I had looked at and ideas you could use for your own lady bird themed event…..

There’s banners & bunting

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at  Fabric Ladybug pennant banner bunting, ladybug birthday party, bedroom, playroom decor, photo prop:

and painted rocks (or golf balls!)

ladybird pebbles - cute idea to place a couple on the soil inside a flower pot!: 12 Cute Garden Ideas and Garden Decorations 2:

and even a balloon weight

Great idea for 1st birthday party

or just go with a simple red and black theme.

Next time I’ll be back and sharing some food ideas.

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