Journal Your Christmas 2012–week 1


This year I’m planning on doing something a little different for my Journal Your Christmas project. I’m still going to be adding pages to my album as I can (I’m still working on my 2011 pages!) but I’ll be blogging the daily prompts and the photography prompts in a weekly post. I thought this also gives me an online record of what I want to add to my album.

Each post will contain my journaling and photos from the previous week. So here’s week 1.

Dec 1 – December 1. Your third Christmas. This year will be a little different as we’re busy organising Christmas at home. You seem so much more aware of the atmosphere and more interested in everything that is going on. You want your presents now and I have Santa on speed dial for when you’ve been naughty.

Dec 2 – Christmas seems to come quicker and quicker every year. No sooner than the Halloween stuff is gone from the shops do we have Christmas things appearing.

Dec 3 – So much planning to do this year. We’re holding Christmas at home for the first time and I’m not really looking forward to it but in a way I am. At least you will be at home to play with all your toys. There’s no traveling anywhere

Dec 4 – I hope in years to come you’ll look back and remember some of your favourite toys from Christmas. Some of my favourite toys I got at Christmas came from Pa (my dad). One year he made me a trolley full of building blocks, another year it was a dolls house (which still lives at Aggie & Pa’s house – I’m hoping to do it up for you to play with out there)

Dec 5 – Our Christmas card this year is another photo card. We got some professional photos done in November and one of the options was to have some Christmas photo cards done.

Dec 6 – What is truly important this Christmas? Spending time with family & friends

Dec 7 – I sense it’s Christmas time.
Seeing… trees and lights and Christmas decorations. Pinterest is an amazing source of all things Christmas
Hearing… Trans Siberian Orchestra. Our Christmas tunes are a little different from the usual.
Smelling… BBQs and bushfires. It’s slowly warming up and getting to be bbq weather. Sadly it’s also bushfire season and there are a few going already
Tasting… chocolate, after dinner mints
Feeling… warm then cold. we’ve had such a strange start to summer this year.

Week 1 photos

IMG_5888 IMG_5986 IMG_5898
1 first signs 2 light 3 ornament


4 red 5 in front of the tree 6 hands
7 sparkle

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