Journal Your Christmas – Week 3


Week 3 of our Christmas adventure

Dec 15 – I love Christmas but I’m not a huge fan of too many decorations, in our house anyway. In other people’s houses it looks great – in ours it make it look too cluttered. One of your favourite decorations that’s not on the tree is our little nativity set. You love playing with the little people & animals and the ‘fairy’

Dec 16 – Our Christmas tunes have changed so much over the years. There were Christmas records & tapes when I was young and now it’s CDs and digital tunes for you. Our playlist has changed quiet a bit too from when I was little to now. From Handel’s Messiah to some rocking tunes by Tran Siberian Orchestra and Spiritual Plague. I also throw in a bit of Enya & Medieval Baebes for good measure.

Dec 17 – Things still to do:
* wrap presents
* Pick up laybys
* buy a few last minute gifts
* Organise vegies for Xmas day
Dec 18 – We’re hosting Christmas at home this year but we’ve asked everyone to bring along some food to help out. We’re all looking forward to tucking into the spit roasted pork.

Dec 19 – The Christmas elves have been a big part of Christmas for you this year. We bought an advent calendar (albeit a little late) and each evening, if you’ve been good (& gone to sleep quickly), the elves bring you a little present. They have brought you Freddo frogs, lollipops, some jewellery and some art supplies.

Dec 20 – Things you are giving this year:
to mummy – B Organised diary insert, Big Bang Theory socks & hat
to daddy – My Dad book, Star Wars book
to uncle andrew – a photo
to Gran – a photo
to Grandma – Grandma mug
to Grandpa – strawberry plant
to auntie Michelle & uncle Michael – a photo

Dec 21 – Our home right now is a total disaster area. Presents, wrapping paper, old toys and cooking mess.

Week 3 photos

IMG_6093 IMG_6081 IMG_5918
15 close up 16 toys 17 someone else’s tree
IMG_6207 IMG_5954 IMG_0533
18 Christmas food 19 transportation 20 Christmas animals

21 from the front door


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