Journal Your Christmas–Week 2


Onto week 2 ….. (posting a tad late but you know, Christmas)

Dec 8 – We’re simplifying our tree this year. The colour scheme of silver and purple. Simple baubles plus a few special select pieces. My silver ornaments. your number pieces. Your dad’s sci fi pieces. I think I may have got your dad to agree to a smaller tree for his ornaments too but we’ll see how that goes.

Dec 9 – Over the year’s I have tried and tried to make your great grandma’s tablet (tablet is a Scottish fudge) with no success. Recently I made Aggie’s lemon slice and needed to do something with the leftover condensed milk. I searched the internet and found a recipe for microwave (!) Russian fudge. It looked so similar to tablet I thought I’d try it. Pa thinks it’s pretty close to Great Grandma’s so I think it’s our new sweet treat for the Christmas period!

Dec 10 – This year all you’ve been asking Santa for is a watch. You can’t tell the time yet but you still want one.  When the catalogues come you look at them and say "Santa will bring me that" You’ve also been asking for a swing and a slide.

Dec 11 – I’ve wrapped our presents in kraft paper again this year & our tags are free printables from the internet. Santa has his own wrapping paper this year.

Dec 12 – Keep calm. It’s only Christmas


Dec 13 – Not a White Christmas in sight. This year is looking to be a wet but warm Christmas. The prediction at this stage is rain and high teens to low 20s.

Dec 14 – After going to other peoples places for Christmas lunch every year, this year we are staying home all day. Well not entirely. We’ll go to Aggie & Pa’s for breakfast after you check out your stocking here then we’ll be back for the insane prep of getting everything ready for the family arriving at lunch time. We’ll hopefully get most of the set up done the day before (if it doesn’t rain) so it will just be cooking the food and last minute setup on the day.

Week 2 photos

IMG_6114 IMG_6091 IMG_5883
8 windows 9 table 10 Christmas icons
IMG_6082 IMG_6251 IMG_6169
11 wrapping 12 Christmas lights 13 Vintage

14 summer clothing



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