Just a little Thrill

Disclaimer: I was given a Thrill by We Vibe to review. All opinions are my own.

Sorry couldn’t help myself, it does kind of set the tone
Now onto the other disclaimer – Mum, if you’re reading this you might want to skip this post. Everyone else… reading at work, probably Not Suitable For Work …. or around little kids or teens who get easily embarrassed (cause you know your parents don’t do anything sexual right LOL). You have been warned.

Right? Right onwards.

Sex toys. They aren’t really something we often discuss, at least not sober or without lots of giggling like schoolgirls. But I can bet you if you did some digging lots of people you know own at least one toy.

I’ve been a fan of We Vibe since I bought the We-Vibe 3 when it was first released. Won’t go into details about that but if you are interested you can go check out http://we-vibe.com/
Anywho, when I was given the opportunity to try out the Thrill I jumped at the chance.


This pretty ruby toy is, unlike the majority of We-vibe toys, designed with just women in mind. It’s contoured to reach both your g-spot and your c-spot.

Key features:

  • it’s 100% waterproof, meaning you can take the fun times into the shower or bath.
  • 90 mins to recharge for up to 2 hours playtime – that’s if you last that long.
  • USB charging. Use your iDevice power plug and the supplied cord.
  • 8 vibration modes all controlled with one button.
  • Quiet. Your housemates/kids/family won’t be able to hear it.
  • Easy soap and water clean up. Been on the safe side though and get yourself a good toy cleaner
  • Made with medical grade silicone – so only use a water based lube. Also great if you have sensitive skin!
  • 1 year warranty
  • Carbon-neutral manufacturing, a rechargeable battery and recyclable packaging and materials make Thrill by We-Vibe an eco-friendly choice.

The Thrill is designed with the same C curve as other We-vibe products and while the insertion end of the We-Vibe3 is designed slimmer to allow for wear during sex, the Thrill is defiantly for solo play. Slightly thicker but you still get the feeling of fullness similar to when using the We-vibe with a partner.
The design is very hand friendly and comfortable. I personally found the handle a little annoying to use but it’s still comfortable. The inner vibrations are just the right strength but the outer vibrations can be a little weak. Especially if you own a body wand/Hitachi/Lelo wand massager.
Another plus is that it doesn’t look at all phalic, great if you have littlies who like going through your drawers (lucky that has never happened to me, but I have heard of it happening).

The Thrill has won a heap of international awards including Best Female Product – 2013 TWO Awards (United Kingdom), Most Innovative Pleasure Product – 2013 Adultex Awards (Australia) , Highest Potential Product – eroFame 2012 (Germany) and the Powered Pleasure Product of the Year – XBIZ 2013 (USA)

I have a Thrill by We-Vibe to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter, and since this giveaway is for the girls, let me know your favourite way to find treat yourself? For me – time alone to do some scrapbooking uninterrupted. Due to the nature of this giveaway entrants must be 18+. Open to Australian residents only. Drawn 13/12/13

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13 thoughts on “Just a little Thrill”

  1. Great giveaway and great prize! I would SO love to own it. To treat myself, I do poledancing once a week. Have been doing it for ages now, loving it!

  2. I get up every morning and go for a 1hr walk, that time alone in the fresh air really helps to clear my head and get me ready for the day

  3. I find no better treat than a quiet evening, with a glass of wine, music in the background and my latest book.

  4. This is a great question to an intriging giveaway lol! I treat myself to a Lush buble bath, a glass of wine and a good book. Pretty predicable lol. Otherwise a trip to the hairdresser is always indulgent.

  5. When I get the chance and I know for sure no one is going to come home, I will go skinny dipping in my own backyard pool! It’s really refreshing and naughty, and it gives me the great feeling of freedom!

  6. I give myself a Foot Spa with pedicure after, I always feel refreshed after that as I drink a glass of Bubbly while the Foot Spa is working wonders.

  7. I love an afternoon of pampering, starting with a long shower where I use my favourite body gels and exfoliants, cleansers and hair masks, then I put on a full face of makeup, blowdry my hair and if I’m feeling really extravagant, I’ll do a manicure in a bright, cheerful colour!

  8. i love everyone else’s answers! this is hilarious. lately i usually treat myself by eating out for brunch somewhere delicious. Not very naughty like everyone else ha!

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