Leaving on a jet plane..

but I do know when I’ll be back again 😉

This time tomorrow I’ll be at the airport all ready to get on a plane with hubby & Miss K, heading off to Melbourne for Digital Parents Conference & a bit of a holiday.

I am super nervous about Friday but super excited because I get to meet so many of my bloggy crushes and there will be much squeeing. I’m a little bummed I can’t make it to the dinner after the conference but other plans were made. I’ll be following on twitter though. That and following 2 games of sport as both my teams play Friday night – Go the Dragons & Go the Hawks.

We’re all packed, there’s just the personal things to take care of (like shaving legs & giving hubby a hair cut) and getting my nails done. Oh and I guess I should get my business cards done 😉 Now where did I put that card???

Will I be seeing you at Digital Parents Conference? If so, come say hi.

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