Let’s go out with a bang

To finish off my little bloggy party I’m going to go out with one last giveaway. Since a blogoversary is a bit like a birthday, my last giveaway is a total surprise!!

Yup you read that right. You have no idea what will be in the box that I’ll be sending to one lucky person but it’s full of some great goodies.

But on to the winners so far!!

Thanks for all the yummy chicken ideas. I’m sure we’ll be trying out a few.
Giveaway #12 x $20 Lenards vouchers go to…… Sammi & Sasha.

Some great beauty tips and the
Giveaway #2Beauty pack goes to…… Mary

Thanks again go to those who took part in my bloggy question & answer.
Giveaway #3Urban Lily Life Journal goes to…… Kylie

and the final winner
Giveaway #4Ella’s Kitchen pack goes to…… Narelle

All winners have 48 hours to contact me with their postal details. If I have no contact my Tuesday I will be doing a redraw.

Now for the big Mystery box. You’ll have to do a little work for this one.
Comment on this post sharing your favourite birthday memory
(Optional – leave me a message here if you do any/all of these)
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Entry is open from 22 April 2012 until 6th May 2012 and is open to Australian residents only. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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16 thoughts on “Let’s go out with a bang”

  1. My 30th Birthday, sharing the day with all my family and friends before we left to live in Ireland for 6months!

  2. Was my 16th birthday and receiving a bedroom suite and a hooly hobbie doll !!! was exciting and the memories still remain 30yrs on ♥

  3. My best birthday memory is the one I just had. My daughter created cupcakes out of everything possible (e.g a pile of cushions) and kept saying “Happy Birsday!” (she has a speech impediment.

  4. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake
    and I begged and begged my Mum for that themed cake
    My sister however preferred Barbie
    and as we are twins we share a birthday you see.
    I’d come to the conclusion that a doll cake we’d both probably get
    and Barbie is an easier cake to make that Strawberry Shortcake you can bet.
    But my Mum was amazing and had made for me
    A Strawberry Shortcake cake and for my sister Barbie.
    It was the best birthday ever with us both having our favourite cake to eat
    we had cake coming out our ears for the next week!

  5. My favourite birthday memory was last year when I turned 32. I got given vouchers for driving lessons. Up until that point I was always petrified of driving, but as a mum of three it was so difficult to get around. I finally took the plunge and I got my license on my very first attempt. It’s the best birthday gift I ever received!

  6. My favourite birthday memory was my 7th birthday- I had a huge party with my friends from school. It was so much fun, and I remember that everything was so normal. It wasn’t long after that that my life changed forever as my father started suffering from a brain tumor which he died from when I was 9. 🙁

  7. Hubby’s 40th Birthday. We took a Limo to Hahndorf and stayed in a gorgeous cabin for the weekend, indulging in winery tours and gourmet dinners. Loved it!

  8. My favourite birthday memory is my most recent milestone when hubby took me and the kids away for a beautiful long weekend in a cottage by the beach. It was perfect.

  9. When I was 7 my Grandmother gave me a **wish** for my birthday. Within reason, I could have anything I wanted. It was agonising. I mean you don’t want to waste a wish after all. I eventually chose a pair of red patented Mary Janes. Most impractical, but I loved them.

  10. It was my 30th Birthday last year, we threw a fantastic, 1990’s-themed party and so many friends came.

  11. It was long, long ago, when I was turning 20. We had a great Birthday picnic, by the lake, it was so nice.

  12. My first daughter was born on my Birthday. 🙂 Guess it was the best Birthday gift to get!

  13. My favourite memory is of my 13th birthday. I got black suede shoes with a small heel, instead of the flat shoes I’d always worn. I felt so grown up!

  14. Oh, I love mystery packages. I remember looking through my parents wardrobes for my present well in advance (with a wish that I had in mind) and then I found a gift that I was much better than my wish!

  15. My favourite birthday memories are of my parties when I was 8 or 9, when my whole school class was invited. How much fun we had back then…

  16. I received the cutest pair of Jelly shoes for my daughter today – thankyou so very much they are adorable!!!

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