Make your own Travellers Notebook


I’m a bit in love with my Traveller’s Notebook I bought off AliExpress BUT I can’t fit my LT into it – which was the main reason I wanted to buy a TN. So what’s a girl to do? Why go look on YouTube for inspiration and see a video about converting a ring binder to a TN!

Looked like a project for me. I had a pink planner and a lilac Kikki K gathering dust so thought I’d try it out on the pink one first. So after some searching on YouTube I found a video that showed how to remove the rings without drilling. You can check it out here. And then some more searching on how to thread the elastic (this video). Now I am the proud owner of a TN that fits my LT.

At this stage I have my new Emerald LT, my long term collections TN insert and my new garden TN insert (which I am currently making).


Later I’ll be sharing how I migrated from my first bullet journal over to my new LT and my new spreads for the month.

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