Mozzies b gone {Review, Giveaway}

Disclaimer – I was given some Para’Kito™ goodies to review. All wording and opinions, unless noted, are my own.

Now mozzies are probably something you think aren’t a big issue in Tasmania, especially as the weather gets colder but I can assure you I have sported some monster bites over winter in previous years. And don’t get me started on summer mozzies 😉 We’ve tried lots of different solutions to deter these buzzy pests but most smell vile and aren’t natural which isn’t a great option when you have littlies (or are pregnant).

Para’Kito™ provides a great alternative to those stinky, chemical sprays and roll-ons. Para’Kito™ pellets diffuse a blend, of 7 essential oils extracted from plants, which naturally prevents from mosquito bites effects (itching and irritation). The pellets can be used in the range of cute wristbands or clips.

The wristbands come in a range of colours and limited edition prints

Para’Kito™ Wristbands - Colours

Para’Kito™ Wristbands - Limited Editions

and the clips also come in a range of funky colours

Para’Kito™ Clips

Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually had a chance to use the wristbands myself because as soon as they arrived Miss K pinched the Hawaii print one and insisted on wearing it night and day – even to her swimming lessons (which lead her to pinching the blue one because she left the other in her swim bag). We did notice that during the 15 days she wore it the number of bites on her legs and arms was significantly less than normal. I do have one of the clips attached to my bag.

So how do these wristbands and clips work & what are the benefits?

  • they use a blend of 7 essential oils that are known to have repellent properties
  • each pellet lasts 15 days
  • are suitable for the whole family – including young children, pregnant women and those with allergies
  • waterproof
  • suitable for all areas
  • wristbands and clips RRP $24.95
  • refill packs – 2 pack RRP $15.95 or 6 pack RRP $33.95

Looking forward to wearing these over the summer (if I can hide them from Miss K) as I really hate mozzie bites and we’ll hopefully have our new BBQ area set up (that’s another post in itself) so I plan on spending some lazy summer evenings outside and relaxing in the hammock.

Now onto the giveaway – one lucky reader can win themself a Para’Kito™ Family pack, valued at $90.80. The family pack includes 2 wristbands (with 2 refills), 1 clip (with 2 refills) and a 2 pack of refills.
Enter via the rafflecopter below. ENTRY IS OPEN TO AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS ONLY.
Giveaway closes 18th May 2014.

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14 thoughts on “Mozzies b gone {Review, Giveaway}”

  1. Watching the bats fly overhead on a warm night. I’d rather not be also swatting the mozzies away!

  2. As a family we love to spend as much time outside with all our animals, if we could we would until it was dark but sadly we can’t because of the mozzies love to bite our kiddies which leave huge swell marks all over their tiny bodies 🙁

  3. We love a game of cricket at the park. Unfortunately we are hitting mozzies more than “sixes” and both my sons end up with swollen eyes and fingers after the ‘family fun’. Nothing seems to save them so I’d love to give these a try.

  4. Camping is so much fun, getting back to nature, but not with the mossies, we don’t want to go that natural.

  5. Mosquitoes can so easily ruin a lovely evening but I hate the smell of insect repellant. I’d love to try these, they sound like a great alternative.

  6. Heading to the outdoor cinema with my best friend, a picnic blanket and some tasty snacks – totally ruined when we hear that ominous high-pitched buzzing!

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