My Declutter 365 journey – March check in

Hello my decluttering friends. Our decluttering journey in March started in the laundry.

Here’s a before….


and an after….


We got rid of old laundry supplies and things we don’t use any more, created a stain removal kit, created some decor to make the laundry a bit brighter, created a laundry schedule and a system for putting away clean clothes (something we struggle with), and organised and decluttered a pile of odd socks.

Next was creating a cleaning schedule . Now to get everyone on board and actually using it. So far it’s helping me, the kitchen is staying relatively clean. We also created morning & evening routines. We started routines for Miss K last year and are bringing them back so mornings aren’t so hectic. It’s nice to have a routine for us adults too.

Our family folder is slowly getting more information added as we go along and if anyone in the house asks where something is now it’s ”check the family folder first”.

Finally in March was the basement – we don’t have one but it was interesting reading and we can apply some of it to our garage which is a total shambles.

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