My PL wish list (May 2014)

This list could get really, really long but Iโ€™ll keep it to what I really want this month. Things I would actually use in current projects not just buy & leave sitting around ๐Ÿ˜‰
(Images are linked)

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  • The Daily Stamps (digital) at Peppermint Creative. All 5 versions (so far). This is the May set
  • Peppermint Creative LIP: Hello Let’s Go 3×4″ Journal & Filler Cards (digital) for my BYS album
  • Personal Yearbook Mini Kit for Miss Kโ€™s yearbook I plan on starting this year cause she started pre-kindy this week!
  • Cats Theme Pack for a mini album I want to finish on our cats. Started way back when I started scrapping in 2005!
  • School Theme Pack for Miss Kโ€™s yearbook.
  • List cards from Becky. Not sure what project I might use them in but I do want them LOL

Whatโ€™s on your wish list right now?

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