My top 101 songs pt 1

(WARNING – this post is looooooong but contains some great music. You’re welcome)
Part 2 of the list

Another thing on my 101 things to do list. This was waaaay harder than I thought it would be. Create a playlist of 101 songs I love and could listen to over and over and over again. Certain songs were a given cause they have special memories attached (like Tusk by Fleetwood Mac and Whenever, wherever by Shakira) and others are songs that always seem to end up in my playlists pretty much every time.

So. Here they are. My 101 favourite songs. In no particular order (cause that would have made it even harder). I’ve even been nice and linked up to the YouTube videos (where available) for you.

  1. Tusk. Fleetwood Mac
  2. Blister in the Sun. Violent Femmes
  3. Sunday Bloody Sunday. U2
  4. White wine in the Sun. Tim Minchin
  5. You s**t me to tears. The Tennants
  6. Behind Blue Eyes. Limp Bizkit
  7. 1979. Smashing Pumpkins
  8. I want you to die. Storm Large
  9. Fairytale of New York. the Pogues
  10. High Hopes. Pink Floyd
  11. Under the Bridge. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  12. I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green). Redgum (I also like the Lee Kernighan version & the version by The Herd but the Redgum version is the best)
  13. Cherry Lips. Garbage
  14. Four Chords. Axis of Awesome
  15. Cherry Bomb. Joan Jett
  16. Pour Some Sugar On Me. Def Leppard
  17. Run to the Hills. Iron Maiden
  18. London Calling. The Clash
  19. Somebody Hates Me. Reel Big Fish (had to link up to the anime film clip. love Trigun)
  20. Six pack Short. Sunny Cowgirls
  21. Mz. Hyde. Halestorm
  22. Principles of Lust. Enigma
  23. Unholy. Kiss
  24. Clocks. Coldplay
  25. Patience. Guns N Roses
  26. 99 Luft Ballons. Nena
  27. While my guitar gently weeps. The Beatles
  28. Leeds United. Amanda Palmer
  29. Fat Bottomed Girls. Queen
  30. Rendezvous. Craig David
  31. Love Buzz. Nirvana
  32. I wanna spill the blood of a hippy. Doug Anthony All Stars
  33. Hells Bells. AC/DC
  34. I Miss the Misery. Halestorm
  35. No Rain. Bling Melon
  36. 2 Minutes to Midnight. Iron Maiden
  37. Songbird. Fleetwood Mac
  38. I just want you. Ozzy Osbourne
  39. Torpedo Girl. Kiss
  40. Human Nature. Madonna
  41. Antmusic. Adam Ant
  42. Elderly Woman behind the counter. Pearl Jam
  43. I go off. Diana Ah Naid
  44. Pilgrim. Enya
  45. Ain’t going down til the sun comes up. Adam Brand
  46. I’ll be there for you. Bon Jovi
  47. Piece of my heart. Janis Joplin
  48. Midlife Crisis. Faith No More
  49. Mist. John Butler Trio
  50. Pretty Tied Up. Guns N Roses
  51. Bring me to life. Evanescence

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