My top 101 songs pt 2

(Part one of the list)

52.  Rooster. Alice in Chains
53.  Mother. Pink Floyd
54.  Mama I’m coming home. Ozzy Osbourne
55.  Vow. Garbage
56.  Erotica. Madonna
57.  Back in black. AC/DC
58.  Have a nice day. Bon Jovi
59.  The Middle Class. Doug Anthony All Stars
60.  Breathe. Faith Hill
61.  Higher Ground. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
62.  I want it all. Queen
63.  When I grow up. Garbage
64.  Fade to black. Metallica
65.  Bad reputation. Joan Jett
66.  Don’t Cry. Guns N’ Roses
67.  Wish you were here. Pink Floyd
68.  Fear of the dark. Iron Maiden
69.  Cherish. Madonna
70.  Boys from the bush. Lee Kernighan
71.  Cemetery Gates. Pantera
72.  Light my fire. The Doors
73.  I’m not alright. Storm Large
74.  I drink alone. George Thorogood
75.  Queer. Garbage
76.  Hollaback girl. Gwen Stefani
77.  Been caught stealing. Jane’s Addiction
78.  Paint it black. Rolling Stones
79.  Plush. Stone Temple Pilots (Love the acoustic version too)
80.  Wishmaster. Nightwish
81.  Still not ginger. Chameleon Circuit (gotta love a Doctor Who themed tune)
82.  No more tears. Ozzy
83.  All I want is you. U2
84.  Since I fell for you. Diesel
85.  That ain’t bad. RatCat
86.  Bottle. Doug Anthony All Stars
87.  Vaseline. Stone Temple Pilots
88.  Whenever, wherever. Shakira
89.  More human than human. White Zombie
90.  You shook me all night long. AC/DC
91.  See you on the other side. Ozzy
92.  Freak like me. Halestorm
93.  A small victory. Faith No More
94.  House of fun. Madness
95.  Heard it through the grapevine. Doug Anthony All Stars
96.  Ladylike. Storm Large
97.  War song. Doug Anthony All Stars
98.  One Bourbon, One Scotch. George Thorogood
99.  Kiss Me. Fiona Horne & Paul McDermott
100.  Interstate love song. Stone Temple Pilots
101.  Throw your arms around me. Doug Anthony All Stars

Wow that’s a lot of music (about 5 hours from memory)

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