Official last day in jeans til November 1st 2015

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Time for me to Frock up for a great cause!

So here’s the obligatory last day of jeans wearing til November 1st selfie


For those who have no idea what Frocktober is all about…..

Held throughout the whole month of October, Frocktober is a fundraising initiative to raise
funds and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF). The classic
Frocktober challenge asks participants to wear a frock every a day during the month. It’s
all about increasing public awareness of ovarian cancer and raising money to support the
development of an early detection test. Since its inception, Frocktober has raised over $1
million for the OCRF.
One woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer. As there is currently no early
detection test and a lack of symptoms in the early stages of disease, women are usually
diagnosed in the late stages of the disease – when the cancer has spread to other organs
in the body. If the cancer is diagnosed and treated early, between 80-100% of patients
will survive for more than five years. But only approximately 30% of women diagnosed at
advanced stages will survive for more than five years.

As I’ve done every year for the last 4 years I’m going to frock it up every day in October. This year I’m aiming to wear a different dress every day.
You can donate here and keep up to date by following me on Instagram

And if you think you’d be stuck wearing a dress a day, check out this post by The mummy & the minx.

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