Our Melbourne Adventure Pt 3

Saturday morning saw us wake to overcast weather but it was still pretty warm. After checking out Google Maps we decided to walk down to Albert Park to the Powerhouse Convention Centre for the Kids Business Bloggers BBQ.

I’ve never been to any of the Kids Business Blogger Brunches so was wasn’t sure what to expect. We arrived at the site to be greeted by a Britz Campervan. Those things are amazing and I think hubby would love to hire one for a bit of a family trip around Tassie.

If you’ve never been to a Kids Business Blogger’s brunch/bbq before it’s a great chance to network with other bloggers and brands. We spent the morning networking with some awesome brands including Target, Britz Campervans, Cottees, Crayola, Ella’s Kitchen, Fressure Foods, Lenard’s Chicken (I am so bummed they aren’t in Tassie), McCormick, Nads and Microsoft Hotmail & Skydrive. We left a little early as Miss K was getting restless and we had a date with the Melbourne Aquarium.

Hubby & I had never been to the aquarium and were looking forward to it. Miss K was just excited to go on a ‘funny bus’ – her name for the trains and see the fishies.

sitting with Dad The first thing we saw were the King penguins & Gentoo penguins. OMG they are so cute. Miss K loved them especially the one that kept following her.

Peguins Miss K & the penguins IMG_2186

Won’t bore you with chatter but will share some pictures. The only thing that wasn’t a huge hit was the walk through tunnel. Which is of course where the sharks & rays were 🙁

IMG_2194 IMG_2202 IMG_2214 IMG_2224 IMG_0233 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0245

Back tomorrow with our Zoo trip and our last 2 days in Melbourne.


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